Sunday, March 6, 2011

Laid back,

so, i've been gone long enough. well yeah, my blog popped up in my mind, and i told myself, why not? so here i am, saying hi. HAHA. okay, im being super lame -.-

anyways, im suppose to create my own architectural mask, and what have i found very interesting was this,
Featured: Mask paper construction + photography
Art director / Makoto Yabuki (TANGRAM)
Model / Yuri Ishizaka (eva management)
Photographer / Hanzawa Takeshi
Hair and Make-up / Noboru Tomizawa(CUBE Management Office)
Stylist / Tsuyoshi Takahashi
CG/TANGRAM + Hideki Inoue
Produce / TANGRAM
Interesting no? i think it copies Lady Gaga for some reason. im just sharing (:

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