Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dutch Lady + Coffee = The Perfect Serve

Coffee lovers, this post goes to you! Have you ever wondered how your favorite latte or cappuccino is made? Well, since I went to the Cafe Malaysia 2019 exhibition over the weekend, it has come to my attention that other than coffee and the amount of sugar you put, its the type of milk that plays a huge role in making the perfect serve. While I was at the Cafe Malaysia 2019, I was pretty impressed many stalls showing off their coffee art skills, but somehow Dutch Lady caught my attention. Find out why by reading through my blog post.

A barista sharing about how the coffee machine works
So, at the Cafe Malaysia 2019, I found myself looking at different type of coffee machines, coffee beans, different variations of syrup and fruit syrup, and even pastries too! But since I was at the Dutch Lady booth, I was attracted by the barista's showing off their skills on how they create coffee art with freshly brewed coffee and steamed Dutch Lady Milk. Not forgetting the fact that they were giving passerby's a chance to get hands-on + a free cup of coffee on your attempt to create art. Hehe.


With a representative from Dutch Lady who shared information on Dutch Lady Fresh Milk
Sharing with you on the perfect serve, I took a good moment to really listen to what the booth had to share and offer. So, with all those knowledge in my head, I decided to write it down here so that I won't let good information on coffee go to waste. There are basically 4'S's to make the perfect serve which features stretch, swirl, serve and save. But of course, with all these words in mind, it always starts with a great barista to perfect the perfect serve.

By famers, as a family business
By mastering the stretch, its all about the angle of the half-filled jug where the steam wand is 2mm under the milk's surface. Featuring Dutch Lady milk, the milk offers pasteurized fresh milk that is made right to produce a silky smooth froth that is stable and consistent creating a rich and creamy taste for every cup of coffee. Next is to swirl the milk and listen out as the milk will begin to hiss as it reaches 60 celsius -65 celsius.

Showing how to swirl milk into coffee
Mastering 10 years of experience to get it to be perfect
Once you have swirled the milk, next is to serve the coffee by giving close attention to perfectly frothed and textured milk by creating 'coffee art' to serve the perfect coffee. And last but not least is to save, where when good milk is used, you will prevent wastage of each cup of coffee being served at home or in stores. At the booth, I also learned that Dutch Lady has a certified quality control that follows the stringent internal and external quality standards which ensure the safety and quality of the entire claim.

Here's a little attempt by me
While I was there, I got to get a little hands-on with the coffee machine where I made my first ever cup of coffee with a little help from the baristas on the coffee art part. Hehe. Present with us, we had Jason who was crowed to be the champion of coffee art who shared a few artworks with us that he has specialized when it comes to making coffee art, and boy I am impressed on his skills. I tried, and coffee art is not as easy as it looks. Getting personal with Jason, he also mentioned that Dutch Lady Milk is one of his favorite milk to work with since the texture of the milk when frothed comes out nicely, making it easy to work with too.

Very particular with my coffee, but with this latte in my handI i approve on the quality.
And to end my post for today, I would have to say that im pretty glad that I attended the Cafe Malaysia 2019 exhibition held in MITEC where they shared the beauty of coffee. I never really knew that milk plays a huge role in making coffee, and I finally know why when I got a taste of it. When good coffee is served, its always best with good milk. I'm pretty sure that im not a huge fan of coffee, but I have finally found my true love for coffee when its made fresh before your eyes.

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