Saturday, February 15, 2020

Mary Jardin Malaysian Natural Skincare | Exclusively Available at Guardian Stores

Mary Jardin is now Exclusively Available in Guardian
Guardian being my go-to lifestyle pharmacy, im excited to share with you their latest collaboration with a rapidly growing homegrown brand, Mary Jardin, providing Natural Skincare to cosnumers. With this partnership, this also means that Mary Jardin products will be exclusively available oin more than 130 Guardian Stores in Malaysia. Since Mary Jardin provides natural skincare, this will be an added advantage to Guardian by providing an option of natural skincare to loyal consumers.

Gotta love the floral garden theme during the launch. 
With fellow bloggers at the event to celebrate the launch

Mary Jardin has a catchy tagline being "Every Womans Dream", they have took tons of challenges in developing and manufacturing their third product range exclusively for Guardian. With this collaboration, Mary Jardin presents their Peony Bouquet range which is enriched with natural ingredients whipped into a unique blend of essential vitamins, botanicals and minerals that has been formulated to heal, resotre, and maintain the skin condition.

With Dr Mryam Aziz, Founder of Mary Jardin
The 4 exclusive products by Mary Jardin available in Guardian Malaysia
Dr Mryam Aziz, founder of Mary Jardin shared that she is very excited with this partnership as it would open more opportunities for more people to grab this honest natural skincare product since it has been recognized by Guardian Malaysia. Mary Jardin is perfect for those who are trying to avoid chemical products, and aims to only source the best natural ingredients available, while producing high quality products in their GMP certified factory located in Kedah.

The Mary Jardin Peony Collection Herbal Sunscreen with SPF 30 - RM35.90
The Mary Jardin Peony Collection Regenerative Serum - RM78.90
For some of you who finds Mary Jardin new in the indusrty, they actually started in 2016 with products that are handcrafted to perfection.And looking back through their journey, they have came a long way to reach to where they are today wtih customised options to cater for different skincare needs. Being a beauty enthusiast myself, i would have to say that i do notice tha advancement of science and technology when it comes to producing beauty skincare, but sometimes the basics are what we need when the skin needs a full cleans from chemicals.

The Mary Jardin Peony Collection Facial Cleanser - RM25.90
The Mary Jardin Peony Collection Foam Facial Soap (Anti-Aging Formualtion) - RM19.90
Even for myself, when my skin acts up, i do tend to source for a natural skincare option to not expose my skin to harshful chemicals that may cause my skin to react. Especially back when i was pregnant, i was all into natural options cause i wouldnt want any chemicals to affect my pregnancy by accident. Mary Jardin being the ideal natural skincare option, ita s relief to know that such a brand exist! Mary Jardin understands the concerns of revolving around natural products that would give results without the use of chemicals. With intense research, Mary Jardin has got you covered by providing natural skincare that actually works with an affordable price tag.

I managed to get a swiff of this, and OMG, it smells like a garden of Peonies!

Mary Jardin Le Fleur Peony Bouquet - RM139
The Peony set by Mary Jardin is available at selected Guardian outlets near you, so be sure to keep your eyes open for this exclusive product in stores. Mary Jardin provides products that are naturally formulated skincare that is supported by science. With this revolution by Mary Jardin, i would have to say its nice to know that we now have a brand that is devoted to redefining the beauty industry standards for natural products.

Mary Jardin

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