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Bella Jamal | Malaysian lifestyle blogger

Bella Jamal is a well-known Malaysian blogger who focuses on culinary and modern lifestyles. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the National University of Malaysia. Bella Jamal, a part-time blogger, has had a professional corporate career in the social media department of the country's top telco. She has also written many articles about her passion for culinary and contemporary lifestyle. Selain itu, she is a cat whisperer, and she enjoys writing about these chubby angels.

In 2016, she discovered her love for blogging. She competed in essay and writing contests when she was in school, and this stoked her desire to write and share her thoughts on her blog, "Ini Adalah Bellarina Natasya." She once received encouragement from her teacher that she would succeed in journalism or writing in general. She chose to disregard it and go after her dreams in science. After 5 years in the business, she came to the conclusion that writing is her true passion, especially after receiving positive feedback on her articles about cooking and pets, which at the time had a 13 million viewer audience. The aforementioned articles are accessible at www.bellajamal.com.

Writing requires a lot of focus and effort, but for Bella, getting recognised as a writer is even more difficult.  Almost always, she had to juggle her time between her job and her love of writing. She repeatedly demonstrates to herself that she can handle pressure. When she first started blogging, it was a little discouraging for her to be surrounded by people who were unsupportive rather than encouraging, but persistence is the key to success. Being surrounded by people these days who support her in continuing to move forward greatly aids her work. 

Bella dabbles in music as well as writing and cooking. She loved Taylor Swift, one of her favourite musicians, and listened to a variety of music. Almost all of her songs could be played in her head because she could relate to them all. Every song has a special meaning for her.  She was inspired by Taylor's song to always stay true to herself in difficult situations.  Bella finds Miss Swift's adage that "you have to work for everything you get and you have to appreciate every bit of success the world gives you" to be one of her most motivating quotes. 

From a humble beginning in culinary, the journey has brought her almost to the top. Bella Jamal is now followed by many, looking for inspiration. It has always brought the best in each of her followers. Last year, she began a small step further by introducing her first cooking book titled "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes". The book is a conversion from her blog-based content.

Her desire to use her culinary creativity to inspire others is what fuels her passion the most. a talent she possesses and imparts to her followers. The majority of the shared recipes only employ the most basic techniques and ingredients, which are typical of Malaysian cuisine. Despite the fact that the preparation is fairly easy and quick, the meals still differ in taste and presentation. Given that it requires less time to prepare, this attracted the attention of many working groups and harried housewives. On Facebook and other social media sites, her recipes are frequently shared.

The topmost viewed articles on her page namely Resepi Ayam Masak Sambal Hijau which stressed on spiciness on Malaysian cooking, Cara Memasak Maggi Kari Sedap being the typical 5 minutes instant noodles with a twist of home cooking, and Resepi Masak Lodeh as one of the main dishes during festivals are now attracting more followers to her site. Do check out the recipes in her premier book titled "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes". In addition to that, for cat owners, the  Tip Cara Bagi Kucing Makan Ubat articles talk about the easiest way to trick your cats into eating their medicine. 

Bella also kept up with the trend of current events that are unfolding quickly. She attended the majority of the events thanks to invitations that kept coming in waves.  She frequently received requests to provide a food review for recently opened eateries in the Klang Valley. She has gone to beauty and lifestyle events hosted by some of the nation's top brands. Not to mention, she received invitations to glitzy entertainment events broadcast on national television, giving her the opportunity to interact with some of her nation's well-known performers. Bella is delighted because this is a dream come true for her because she loves Malaysian entertainment so much.

Her first book, "20 Malaysian Home Cooking Recipes," received recognition in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards shortly after its publication.  Additionally, it is a nominee for the upcoming Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (2021) in the categories of Autumn Harvest Food Culture 2020 and Winter Harvest Food Culture 2020. Bella is proud of the accomplishment of being listed for the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards nominees and representing Malaysia even though the book was not chosen for the Best in The World Shortlist FOOD CULTURE 2021, Gourmand Awards 2021. It surpasses her expectations from the outset of her journey. She already has a lot of ideas for how to break into the business more.

Bella Jamal has always aimed to inspire others and bring out the best in people through her culinary ideas. She is eager to impart fresh concepts that could help her succeed in the culinary industry. Bella believes that without the hues of food, life is lacking. 

"I encourage anyone, a young writer who feels at all compelled to write to do so. Your intuition knows what to write". 

- Bella Jamal

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