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Cetaphil® Deepens Bonds with Malaysian Community in Partnership with Mira Filzah as Brand Ambassador for 2024

Exciting news from Cetaphil® – Malaysia's No.1 dermatological skincare brand – as they proudly unveiled their latest collaboration! I’m so thrilled to introduce you the newest face of Cetaphil® for 2024, none other than the Malaysian actress and entrepreneur, Mira Filzah, who has been appointed as Cetaphil's Brand Ambassador. And with that, in today’s post, I’d like to share with you my Cetaphil Skincare Regime. I know I use a lot of make up on a daily basis, but on times when my skin has a break, I would actually choose to reset my skin with this skincare routine.

With a new ambassador in role, Mira Filzah embodies more than just a celebrated actress; she represents the spirit of today's modern working urban moms. Her multifaceted roles as a professional and dedicated mother resonate with the diverse and dynamic women of our time. Despite her busy schedule, Mira prioritizes skin health, reflecting the essence of contemporary women who value self-care. As our Brand Ambassador, Mira not only symbolizes inspiration but also embodies Cetaphil's ethos of "We Do Skin, You Do You."

Beyond surface beauty, Mira,together with Cetaphil®,extends to a mission to promoting holistic skincare as a vital aspect of a healthy lifestyle. She will not only represent the brand but also serve as an inspirational figure, encouraging women of all ages to embrace skincare routines that reflect Cetaphil's commitment to addressing skin concerns and achieving healthy skin. Between us, we understand the importance of skincare in today's era, especially when the pollution around us continues to escalate day by day.

Expressing her excitement about the partnership, Mira Filzah shares, “Teaming up with Cetaphil® is more than just collaboration – it's about celebrating self-love. As a working mom, I understand the balancing act, but skincare remains an essential daily ritual for maintaining skin health. I'm honored to join Cetaphil®, inspiring others to prioritize self-care.”

My Skincare Routine!

During Ramadan 2024, Cetaphil had an array of engaging initiatives and with that being said, I actually took some products home because they were having such a good deal that was too hard to resist. With extra savings, im giving my skin more than just savings, but basically replenishing my skins needs with healthier skin thanks to Cetaphil’s formulation that’s gentle enough even on sensitive skin.

During the Raya period earlier this year, Cetaphil has this 30. Days kulit sihat challenge which im actually taking on the challenge post raya because why not? Im very much aware that sometimes the skin taken for granted, so im highlighting that theres no harm in giving your skin some TLC with a whole 30 days commitment as it seemed to be a challenge that you should be taking at any time of the year too! That being said, I’m proud to share that I took up that 30 day challenge because I wanted healthy, glowy skin

While I managed to visit one of their roadshows at IOI City Mall Putrajaya, I managed to purchase some Cetaphil products, the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, and the Cetaphil Moisturiser, together with their ultra lightweight sunscreen for myself and really, this is more that enough to give your skin a good reset. Now let me elaborate more on my skincare routine that you can choose to follow if youre looking to reset your skin.

Step 1: Cleanser

One of the OG’s that you should really consider getting is the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I’ve been using this using my teenage years, and each time when my skin is acting up, it does the trick to give my skin a good reset by removing any impurities without stripping the skin’s layers. It has a gel-like texture, so don’t expect it to foam as much, but really, what I love about this cleanser is that after each cleanse, your skin still feels really moist and hydrated. Did I mention that it provides up to 48 hours hydration in first wash, doesn't strip off skin's natural oil as well.

STEP 2: Serum

After cleansing the skin, I would apply this Bright Healthy Radiance Serum by Cetaphil just to lighten my pigmentation concerns . Its super lightweight when spreading over the skin, and most importantly, I do notice that after 14 days of using this, it allowed me to have this naturally glowing skin. I’ve been facing pigmentation issues, and this really helped me lighten my pigmentation in result giving me glowing skin.

STEP 3 :Moisturize

I never loved moisturizers, but this was an exception because it can be used for both face and body without leaving any sticky residue! It has this very light texture that is well absorbed by the skin, and I just love that it provides this protective layer over the skin keeping the skin hydrated for hours thus preventing any dryness when you’re out and about. After applying this over my face, I would actually apply this around my elbow areas as well cause I’ve been getting cracked dried elbows lately, and this did the trick to giving my elbow that healthy appearance. With 48 hours of hydration, it helps with skin barrier by repairing it in just 1 week.
STEP 4: Sunscreen

And before starting my day, I cant leave the house without using the ⁠Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ Light Gel. Why? Because im in my 30s and sunscreen has got to be one of the most important skincare when it comes to protecting the skin from harsh UV rays. With that being said, always remember to apply sunscreen and use the two finger rule when applying it over the skin. Always remember to protect the skin win sunscreen to prevent aging skin.

Also managed to get my skin analysed previously, apparently my skin is not a fan of the sun

After completing the “30 Hari Kulit Sihat Raya Berseri”challenge, and I must say, my skin has been well-behaved despite the fasting. I love how each day has a difference challenge set by Cetaphil. The campaign itself, reminds you to give your skin some love too. I just love that the skincare steps with Cetaphil have always been minimal, yet still providing my skin and body with all the essential care it needs. 

My skin appearance after my 30 days challenge

And with that, I shall conclude my skincare with these 4 simple steps to practice. ⁠I have no doubts when it comes to Cetaphil as its known to be the No. 1 dermatological skincare brand in Malaysia. And thanks to its Pioneer in researching sensitive skin for over 75 years the brand offers a Core blend of ingredients strengthens the skin barrier, boosting ALL (15) ceramide classes in the skin. Be sure to check out Cetaphil on Instagram and Facebook. You can also check out this site to explore on Cetaphil’s skincare range to check out. 

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