Friday, May 31, 2024

Dododots Announces Partnerships with Quby and Guardian, Giveaway Event at Mid Valley Megamall on June 1, 2024

Dododots, the brand known for its colorful and effective pimple patches, has unveiled two major milestones. The first is a collaboration with the popular chat sticker character Quby, and the second is the expansion of its presence through the pharmacy brand Guardian.

Recently, Dododots introduced a limited edition Dododots x Quby mystery pack, featuring a blind box concept where the contents are unknown until opened. Each pack contains a random sheet of Quby pimple patches from a series of four designs. Quby, a beloved chat sticker in messaging apps, is recognized for its distinctive large head, rosy cheeks, and stick-like limbs. These patches, featuring Quby in various poses and outfits, will be available exclusively at all Guardian outlets in West Malaysia and Singapore from June 1, 2024. Each design will be sold in individual packs at RM18.00 per pack, with themes including:

- **I’m Just Quby**: Quby expressing different moods.

- **Work Quby**: Quby in career mode.

- **Baby Quby**: Younger versions of Quby.

- **Dream Quby**: Whimsical Quby designs.

To celebrate the new product launch, Dododots will give away 500 packs of Dododots x Quby pimple patches in front of the Guardian outlet at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur, starting at 2:00 PM this weekend while supplies last.

Esther Wong, CEO of Dodo Ventures Sdn Bhd and co-founder of Dododots, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Quby and the brand’s expansion through Guardian, which will also see Dododots products available in Guardian stores in Vietnam and Brunei soon. She emphasized the brand's mission to help individuals with acne feel confident, with fun yet functional pimple patches designed to cover, protect, and speed up healing while uplifting the user’s mood.

Dododots, created by Malaysian founders Esther Wong and Ethan Wong, combines their backgrounds in medical biotechnology, environmental biology, and microbiology. Launched in 2021 during the pandemic, Dododots offers FDA-approved, ISO- and CE-certified pimple patches made from 100% hydrocolloid material, available in various shapes and designs. These patches are suitable for all skin types and can also be used for small cuts, wounds, and mosquito bites.

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