Friday, January 8, 2010

looking for a lil' fun

another day, another story. today, as in now, im currently at my mom's office. doing, well, basically NOTHING. college in another 2 days. freaking out & stressing myself out for no reason. *HUGE sigh* narain's in penang, faiz's in klang. they have no idea how jealous i am. like yeah. im having a hell of a time, here, being LIFELESS. wanted to work but both my parents thinks its dangerous. so no working. driving licence? they were like ''we'll consider when you reach the age of 'maturity.' '' well, okay, i'll go with that :/ i feel like a baby. being all spoon fed. example, college, my dad planned EVERYTHING. he was doing all the thinking FOR me. see, im so lucky to have someone doing all the things for me -____-" its not that i dont appreciate them doing all the things for me, but, at least make an effort to let me 'try' doing things on my own. how am i suppose to grow up without any experience? they never really let me follow my own way. so what if i screw up? at least im lerning from my mistakes. even if they do ask what i wanna do, i'll end up going their way of things. i keep telling myself 'they love me TOO much till they're not willing to let go.' so okay, now i have a reason to be a goody two shoes. i guess i have to accept how things are JUST to prove to them that im really growing up. so, all the best to me.

over & out. *beep*

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