Sunday, January 24, 2010


gosh, when was the last time i updated my blog? sorry peeps, been very busy. so, im in Taylors College, its been two weeks now, and im currently enjoying myself. meeting new people, new types of people, and knowing being energetic is a good thing for once. haha. so far, im loving creative thinking classes, you dont really need to think about facts, but its more focused on based what you think of art and being creative (: others, 10 weeks of malaysian studies and islamic studies. way unlike school, but yeah. its ok. i wont die in class. hehe. here are some pictures to keep yourself updated about me

within the first week:

from left, atris and zoey

from left, carrine, wen yee, adele and mua (:
they're AWESOME!

group photo

second week:
assignment, skecth something that reflects your personality

the gang :)

playing 'the ugly truth'

at the lake side orientation last wednesday

more to come, i need to finish up my assignments, so i'll update more when i have time (;

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