Friday, August 8, 2014

WEVents Presents: The Retro YOU

This post is up and its for the ladies!

If you haven't heard, wevents will be celebrating their 4th anniversary of the YOU series. And whats so special about wevents? Its only for the ladies (sorry gentlemen, but you're not invited). Seems to be like a stress reliever for all working women in Malaysia and this might help us women calm our tits a little. (oops, i might have said too much. hehe).

If you must know what is wevents all about, let me just explain it to you.

What on earth is a WEVent?

Wevent was started by Jeanisha Wan and her company, J1 Cnsulting and organised with the help of a working committee and other supporting working women volunteers.

Wevents was conceptualised by Jeanisha as a social event for women by women entrepreneurs (WEs) during a casual email exchange with a fellow woman entrepreneur. Both realised they have spent almost half of their time working for to servicing companies on events but there were few events for women, by women.

WEVents was born with an objective of allowing women to have an outlet after office hours, get to meet new friends and catch up with peers. All the people working behind WEVents are Wes who freely volunteer their time or provide sponsorship in terms of products or services towards the event. Just so women can relax, enjoy themselves in an event they can truly call their own.

Their philosophy: 
"if you do good to someone, do not expect payback. If someone does good to you, pay it forward."

So where are the details of the event? 

Date: 15th August 2014
Time: 6pm to 9pm (after working hours)
Location: Cititel Hotel

So, well, thats about it. Thats like in a weeks time! Need i explain more? Looking forward to the event! woppeee!

Cant wait to attend the event and tell you all about it.


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