Sunday, August 31, 2014

The 1st International Makeover Record Breaking Event

So, I'm sure you're wondering what was the photo shoot i had was all about? Well, here it is! If you haven't heard, Highlight Event Management is currently running a record breaking event than spans over 12 countries, providing the best hair-do's , Make up and crazy talented photographers to shoot you.

The event took place at Empire Damansara Perdana, and the location was remarkable. The fact that it was my first time there, it felt like a whole new world. It was similar to a new york layout, but in Malaysia. So, to all my archi friends, you should go have coffee there and check the place out. Yesterday, i arrived at 10.30am and they personally came down to greet and gladly showed the way to their studio.

As excited as i was, i decided to take a mandatory celfie, just so that i can compare how i look like at the end. HAHA. So please, ignore my pale face. I had to wait around half an hour as there were tons of people doing their hair and make up, but i can assure you that they did a good job with the makeover. The time was definitely worth the wait.

Me looking really pale before the makeover
While waiting, i met Claudine, a beauty blogger who was super petite and adorable who bravely came up to me to ask if i was Aliza. I was too nervous to ask, so respect goes to you Claudine! It was nice getting to meet you in person. Too bad you looked amazing and i on the other hand looked pretty pale next to you. Haha. Hoping to see you in future events maybe ;)

Also not to forget Jessy Ma, who came around the same time as me earlier. I didn't know she was  a blogger too till the organising members came to pick us up at the same time. And she was uber friendly with a hyped up personality. Love.

The pretty friendly petite beauty blogger, Claudine.
And I'm next, and standing behind me would be Jessy Ma, a super friendly blogger all dolled up for her photoshoot session!
So next in line was me. While waiting for the beauty stylist to be ready, i managed to check out their make up kit and it was like everything! From lash curlers to eyebrow shaper, to spotting cream, to just anything, you name it. Most of their make up was by Celebre Images, which is a professional make up artist company, you can't really buy what you're going to wear. The colours were really strong, so i guess its not so much meant to be worn on a regular day basis. 

When both my artists were ready, i was told that they had to do this almost every weekend, and with over 60 people everyday! How crazy is that?! But it was only till the record is complete, which would take another 3 months more. They were really professional when they got their hands all over my face. I had Candice, doing my face and Fish getting my hair done up nicely. It took then around 30 minutes for them to get everything done, which was pretty fast considering they covered my blemished and also my spots. Yes, i don't have perfect skin i have to admit.

The variety of make up used.

With Candice on the left and Fish on my right. Don't you think they did an amazing job?!
And as you can see, Candice and Fish did an amazing job on me. I could barely recognise myself, i swear! They were really gentle on me too, you know how curlers can be really painful and hot sometimes? I barely felt anything while they were doing everything on me. Amazing much! And to think that they took the consideration to match up my hair and make up with my #OOTD without me telling them to, how thoughtful. I felt pretty fierce after all that hair and make up was on me. roar.

Next, after that was done and over with, it was time of the photoshoot session. The photos were taken by TJ & Co and also by Mr TJ himself. I was told that he is a very professional photographer who usually does shoots for magazine spreads and to think that he's shooting me, made me felt like i was getting to be in a spread of magazine as well. A girl can dream.

This is me looking all 'unpale' and ready!
Mr TJ working his magic with his camera. LOVE.
I am aware that usually the average top both photographer along with a professionally lit studio, would usually cost up to RM500, minimum an hour. Which was like a 90% off deal, PLUS your make up and hair done. Definitely worth every single penny. To think that Mr TJ usually shoots high profile celebrities and models, he's here to shoot me as well. He was a really nice photographer too as he gave guidelines of what to do while you're posing. Thank you Mr TJ for your advices to get amazing shots of me.

You might be wondering how was the outcome? Well, that a simple question, flawless. It didn't take him long to take the best angles of me as he was doing all the moving in the studio. He is truly an amazing photographer i must say. Talented and equipped with skills to help a matures like me pose better in camera's. Since, its pretty I'm not a model nor a high profile celebrity. Here are a few of his shots taken by my phones camera. Mr TJ was nice enough to allow me take a few shots

One of his sneak peak shots.
My jaws dropped when i saw his shots. Ah-mazing! Will most likely get him to shoot my wedding. Just take all my money already! As you can see in these shots, my make up and hair completed the whole look i had. I looked fierce and well, fabulous. Thanks to the international makeover team, super talented and skilful with their work. All and all, the shoot ended at around 2pm, and they were nice enough to send us all the way down just to make sure we don't get lost.

As they are still looking for people who are interested to participate in the world record breaking event, why not be apart of the world breaking record? As this is not a profit making event, the main purpose was to get 1,000,000 participants to join and break the record. So they're actually giving the opportunity to people to experience a professional experience for just RM50. All that for RM50? i think its pretty mind blowing.

As this is growing and more people are starting to know about it, they are limited spots due to spots are currently being taken pretty fast. A session would be RM50 and i might be able to hook you up for next weekend, be fast because I'm not too sure on how many spots are left. So if you're interested you can just email me at or hit me up on Facebook. So what is RM50 worth at the event? Well, thats simple, let me break it down to you.

1. Professional Photography + 10 images will be given to you
2. Hair and Make up by Celebre Images
3. A meal at a korean restaurant, San Nae Deul
4. A limited Edition 1,000,00 Record breaking T-Shirt.

Think thats exciting? Thats not even all yet,  theres also a competition running, where the panel will be selecting two best photographs to win the a Mercedez Benz A250. A fair deal right? So if you're planning to participate, don't forget to get those poses and expressions worked on.

Before leaving the place, i just HAD to take another mandatory ootd shot at this lovely place called Empire Damansara Perdana. Credits goes to my sister, Ellina Danae for taking this natural shot of me with the pretty pink umbrellas. Well, I hope that this has been an informative discovery and i hope you would get as much experience in professional photoshoots as i did. Kudos goes to Highlight Event Management for having this fabulous session!


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