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[FOOD REVIEW] Restoran Chinese Muslim Abdullah in Ipoh | MUST TRY!

Being a Malaysian, what I love the most about my country would be the number of public holidays that we get in a year. Having a long weekend with public holidays, I've decided to explore Ipoh by staying for a night for a foodie trip in which I've found myself dining in a very unique halal Chinese restaurant called the Restaurant Chinese Muslim Abdullah in Ipoh located near the Bulatan in Bandar Meru Raya. Having a hotel located just near the restaurant, it was very convenient for me to have my dinner.


As a little teaser, let me share with you a few options on their food variety. First, you might want to know what kind of dishes they offer. From the menu, I listed above, you can see that they serve fish, prawn, squid, sharks fin, soft shell crab, abalone, fish fillet, chicken, bean curd, egg, soup and more! What's even better was that they mentioned that if you would like to request for a special dish, it can also be arranged by the chef to satisfy your cravings! YAY! I don't know about you, but its honestly really hard to find HALAL Chinese food, and I was really happy to see how Chinese flavors are now available for Muslims to enjoy. 


So here we have a few dishes to try with some of my friends. Being my Chinese self, i cant resist not to order the popular bean curd dish cooked in Chinese Style. This is the signature bean curd, and i have to say that it was just what i expected it to be. The Beancurd was soft, and since it came with gravy, it will definitely enhance any dish youre enjoying. No regrets ordering this for sure! Cooked to perfection, and the most important part, it tasted really authentic. Would definitely come back for more!

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 Next would be the Deep Fried Crisp Cabbage. This was actually something pretty unique as its fried but surprisingly not at all oily. Im not exactly sure how this was prepared, but I absolutely love the fact that it was crunchy, fresh and was not overseasoned. Honestly, if you ask me, I'd say it's a simple dish that is pretty hard to perfect. Also, i would like to emphasize that this is not available on the menu, but was specially requested and made possible at Restoran Chinese Muslim Abdullah. Super happy that they were very flexible with the options requested.

Next, we have Steamed Fish with special soy sauce. Again, this was not on the menu, but since it was specially requested, again, the chef is ever ready to surprise. The presentations looks really appetizing,m and I have to give credit to the chef for being able to present the fish with its mouth open. hehe. In terms of taste, this was also well done! I was expecting it to be slightly salty since its drained in soy sauce, but surprisingly it tasted sweet and light. The fish naturally has its own flavor, and the sauce definitely complimented it pretty well. Two thumbs up!

Next would be their Asam Pedas dish. Actually, this was from their list of options under the fish section, but since we already had the fish earlier, the owner, Aiman, suggested that we tried the Asam Pedas in mix seafood. Asam pedas is normally served with fish, but this is my first time trying out Asam Pedas seafood. It had a very unique seafood taste, and I love the surprises that you'll find in this dish as its cooked in Asam Pedas gravy. Definitely not a boring dish, and I truly enjoyed the modified version of the Asam Pedas dish.

 Craving for some squid, we also decided to try out the Salted Egg Squid. This honestly was slightly dry for my liking, but if you're a fan of salted egg, then its a must try. The squid is fried coated with flour and salted egg making it the dish that you see in the picture. If they had a gravy version of the dish, I would definitely go for the squid to be cooked in gravy. Its really not bad, and everyone around the table loved it! Just that to my liking, I may prefer my dish to be not too dry. Hehe. It's basically on personal preference.

Here we have Roasted chicken, and I honestly liked this a lot. It may not look as appetizing, but you can really taste the amount of effort it takes to prepare this dish. I and my friends were extremely curious on the way this chicken was prepared, so we managed to ask the chef on how did he manage to keep it juicy but a crispy roasted texture on the outer layer. We found out that the chicken was steamed first before it was dip into a hot pan of oil for a very short period of time to avoid the dish from being too oily. I really liked the crispy texture with the soft chewy tender of chicken as I enjoy each and every bite.

And last but not least, we have Marmite chicken which was among the favorite dish around the table. Im usually not a fan of Marmite, but this dish had all the taste that any person would expect. It had a combination of sweet and slightly salty, and I could actually sense that there is honey present in this dish as well. The flavors were well balanced and cooked to perfection. During my next visit, I would really want to re-order this again cause it tasted really good!


Meet Aiman, the owner of Restoran Chinese Muslim Abdullah
Overall thougts?
As an overall thought, I would have to say that the Restoran Chinese Muslim Abdullah highly recommended by me if you're seeking for halal Chinese Muslim food in Ipoh, Malaysia. Its pretty rare to find Chinese dishes that are halal, so if you would want to try Chinese dishes without worrying about the halal certificate, this is the place to be. During my next Ipoh visit, I would definitely stop by to try more options. Hehe. They open every Thursday through Tuesday from 4.30pm - 12am, so its a great place to enjoy your dinner with family and friends. Be sure to check out their official Facebook or give them a call to make reservations to avoid disappointments. The last time I went, it was very full, but luckily we managed to grab a table. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! :)

Restoran Chinese Muslim Abdullah
No. 5 & 5a & 5b, Jalan Meru Bestari A14, 
Bandar Meru Raya, Ipoh, Perak 30020
019-516 9516
Hours 4:00 PM - 11:30 PM

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