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Presenting to you the NION BEAUTY OPUS Express
SCREAMS! I didn't know why, but I've been raving over silicon facial brushes lately, and today I'll be sharing with you the newest addition to my collection, the Nion Beauty OPUS Express Exfoliating Facial Brush. For your information, facial brushes are one of the ways ensuring that your face and pores are properly cleansed, being one of the ways to reduce acne and breakouts. I suffer from combination skin, and breakouts are my worst nightmare! But with this baby in hand, I have no worries on each cleansing session to be the cleanest it can get.


The Nion Beauty Opus Express
A little introduction on OPUS Nion Beauty Express, the facial brush offers not only cleansing features but also an addition to an innovative way of cleansing. Its super-charged with negative ions and packed with pioneering features making it a product that you'll definitely can't live without once you know how well it cleanses and improves your skin condition. What makes this facial brush different than any other silicon facial brush is that it explores into S-ion Technology to cleansed and encourage better absorption of products into the skin.


What's in the box: a protective bag, warranty documents
Now that you know what it is, let's get into details! Firstly, it operates on 2 AA batteries (Which is at your own cost), thus you may need to get yourself some batteries before getting to use this at its maximum potential. It is also safe to use in the shower, and undeniably easy to clean. As mentioned earlier, it also has S-ion Technology silicon tip and vibrates up to 3 speeds of Kinetic Skin Cleansing to cleanse deep into your pores making it the perfect cleansing assistant that you'll ever need. Each pack of this contains the OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS, a silk bag to keep your facial brush and the warranty claim documents in case your OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS doesn't work. So rest assured, you'll definitely get a good set in hand.


A close up on the Nion Beauty OPUS Express facial brush
One thing about coming home from work after a long exhausting day, one step that I hate the most would be washing off makeup when its all mixed up with the sebum from your skin. I used to wash my face with my bare hands, and ocassionally when I get a little too lazy to double cleanse, eventually it'll lead me into getting breakouts. But now with the OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS, I noticed that cleansing has never been so easy! In fact, I've never been so excited to get back-home to cleanse my face.

Full makeup (For this review purpose, i purposely skipped the makeup remover)
Apply Cleanser on face
Gently scrub face with cleanser
To use, I would usually apply the cleanser on my face, then I'll gently glide the facial brush over, gently spreading the cleanser all over my face. Since there are 3 speeds to choose from, I usually go for the highest level first, to really wash-off the layers of makeup from my skin, then I'll move down to a slower speed to gently cleanse my face. It has been roughly 3 weeks now since I've been using the facial brush, and trust me when I say that my Skin is glowing! I believe that since it vibrates, it naturally encourages blood circulation and cell restoration making it a-plus point of using the OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS.

Use the Nion Beauty Opus to enhance your cleansing experience
All the dirt removed by the Nion Beauty Opus
Before and After comparison. (Convincingly clean)
So, just to explain to you on how this cleansing device works, it cleanses using kinetic skin cleansing. The Kinetic Skin Cleansing system uses gentle vibrations to remove dirt and break up impurities. As much as it looks pretty solid in images, it actually feels very gentle and soft as it glides through my skin. Did you know that having squeaky clean skin isn't all exactly a good thing? Another feature of Kinetic Skin Cleansing, it purifies the skin without stripping the skin's protective layer that protects your skin against aging, dryness, and infection.


Time to cleanse the rest of my face
Testing out the level of cleanliness using a wet tissue.  
The results are pretty impressive, unnoticeable dirt detected
As a verdict, I would have to say that it really improved my skin condition making it naturally look like its glowing and I have way better skin texture too! Another thing that I noticed, it's honestly unbelievable that my skin is less oily ever since I started using this. Overall, I would highly recommend the OPUS NION BEAUTY EXPRESS for anyone who is seeking better ways of cleansing the skin. Cleansing with Negative Ions, it not only cleanses but it also encourages circulation, cell restoration, prevents signs of aging, detox the skin naturally and improves the immunity of the skin. With all these benefits coming out from 1 product, it's really hard to resist but to get this for my own. Hehe. Well, thats all on my thoughts on the NION BEAUTY OPUS EXPRESS. For more details on OPUS, you may checkout the links below to see what else they have to offer.


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