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Is Kitsui really Dangerous? | Review Kitsui Korean White Plus Tomato & Kitsui Belloss Fibre

Being a fitness-oriented person myself, Kitsui has not been a stranger to me since I started recognizing the brand back in 2015. Being a consumer myself, I would have to question if Kitsui Dangerous for my health? Considering that Kitsui is a local brand that has been established in the local market for over 20 years, I would believe that they have done their research to ensure that the products that they offer have passed a safety and laboratory test. On top of that, did you know that they even got a halal certificate from GMP before expanding their brand to be available in leading stores such as Watsons & Guardian Pharmacy? 

Being a consumer who is familiar with the contents, Kitsui products contains high-quality ingredients and are rich in vitamins & minerals that are suitable for both men and women. Most people who are not familiar with Kitsui, let me clarify to you that they are not medicines, but are health supplements to improve an individual's health being. It works to provide nutrition with main ingredients that consist of fruits and vegetables. YUMS! So, leaving you rest assured before im jump into writing a review on Kitsui, all Kitsuit products are free of preservatives, gluten, GMOs, allergens, antibiotics, and any prohibited substance that can interfere with hormones and body health overall.

Kitsuit Korean Whitie + Plus Tomato

I would have to emphasize that Whitie + Plus Tomato has been a very popular natural sourced supplement that provides whitening effects that don't harm the body. So this being my first time trying from Kitsui, I would have to say that im excited! The Kitsui Korean Whitie + Plus Tomato is a supplement that is enriched with Vitamin A, C, and Iron that improves dull and oily skin to appear fresher and cleaner. The secret ingredient that does wonders to the skin would be a as simple as a tomato, which has been known to be the kind of antioxidants and has been well researched over to be labeled as a Superfood by Times Magazine. It also contains Camu-camu which is also rich in anti-oxide and has been able to increase collagen, as a result of giving the skin a radiant glow in just 7 days! 

It comes in a box and despite having Tomato as their main ingredient, to make it more consumable, it actually offers a peach flavor! Each Box contains 15 sachets, which I would say is sufficient to last for 2 weeks. The idea of consuming it would be to start consuming it for at least a month, followed by a maintenance of alternate days after completing one month. Trust me, you'll see the difference! To consume, all you need to do it add 1 sachet to 150ml of lukewarm water, shake and drink immediately. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day as the supplement works well with water! 

Other than being super easy to prepare, it is advisable to take the supplement before having breakfast or before bedtime, but a personal preference, I like to take it before I start my day. Other than noticing that my skin looks better, it's also a really good supplement to add to your routine as it offers your body the nutrients that it needs. In case youre wondering about the taste of it, I would have to say that it does taste like peach with a hint of some botanicals, but still very much consumable because it just tastes like a sweet fruity drink. The Korean Whitie + Plus Tomato is free of preservatives, gluten, GMO, allergens, antibiotics, and substances that can interfere with hormones.

Kitsui Bellos Fiber

Another favorite of mine would be the Kitsui Bellos Fiber. Since I do ocassionally feel bloated, this product helps me a lot in maintaining my body fitness and easing discomfort from my tummy. On top of that, it also improves the digestive system by easing the bowel movements which usually is the cause of digestive problems. The contents of this consist of apple, kiwi, orange, avocado, tomato, lemon, pineapple, and sena, which makes the perfect combination of a tropical sensation cup of water. With the Bellos fiber, I realized that my body feels so much lighter and doesn't get me started on the weight that I manage to lose throughout my month of consuming this since it helps to detox my body as well. 

Bellos Fiber is not only effective, but it does not contain preservatives, pigments, added sugars and contains substances that can disrupt the hormonal system. With the main ingredients being Acacia Gum, it contains prebiotic fiber that maintains the intestinal system as well as launching the digestive system. The apple extract contains Catechin, which helps increase rates of body metabolism. Senna contains Sennosides which help stimulate movement intestines and with the combination of Apples, Kiwis, Orange, Avocado, Tomato, Lemon, Pineapple, these are superfruit ingredients which that has high fiber content and is rich in various vitamins that maintain hydration levels in the body.

Effortlessly its so easy to prepare it as all you need to do it take it before dinner or at bedtime, in which i will warn you that you might wake up feeling like you need to do a number two the next morning. I love starting my day with an empty bowel, and trust me when i say that you'll feel amazing starting your day with nothing like bowel discomfort to stop you. Each Box contains 15 sachets, which i would say is sufficient to last for 2 weeks, but personally, i take this about 3 times in a week just to maintain my digestive problems at ease. 


To conclude to my post and being a consumer myself, i can reassure you that Kitsui is not at all dangerous considering that they have done safety test and laboratory researches to ensure that their product is safe for consumption. I guess there is a misunderstanding when it comes to how your body reacts to the product, but i hope with this review i've written, it would help you understand on the purpose of the product and on how your body reacts to it accordingly. Do check them out for more products, but if youre just starting to explore supplements, i would highly recommend you to consider this as it fits my lifestyle perfectly. 


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