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Neutrogena Bright Boost Now in Malaysia | Honest Review

Got my Neutrogena Bright Boost in as a gift, and i cant wait to try this out!

Honestly, i think being indoors nowadays really gives me time to reflect on self-care, and with that in mind, i would have to have to say that i was so happy to find that Neutrogena's latest range, the Bright Boost is now available in Malaysia. In terms of brightening, i would say that what makes this range different would be that they offer your skin an opportunity to glow from within. From my findings, did you know that as we age, our skin surface turnover slows down, which means that to get new skin that gives us that luminous radiance would take longer than usual to achieve when not given proper care and attention to. Yikes! 

Instant boost by 10x!

The complete Neutrogena Bright Boost Range

Jumping into the bandwagon of Neutrogena's Bright Boost, the range has been formulated to provide the skin with daily radiance. The best part? Its made for all skin types! YAY! The secret behind their formulation would be their star ingredient, Neoglucosamine, which claims to boost skin surface up to 10x for brighter, radiant skin. Sounds too good to be true, I had to give myself a go at it to find out for myself. The range consist of 3 products, the Neutrogena Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish, the Neutrogena Bright Boost Illuminating Serum, and the Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream.

Neutrogena Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish

The Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish

Starting off with the Neutrogena Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish, i guess we can conclude this to be a multi purpose cleanser where it not only cleanses but, also gently scrubs the skin. Formulated with Glycolic and Mandelic AHAs, it claims to gently polish and exfoliates the skin which in result removes dullness while cleansing away dirt, impurities and bacteria from the skin.

Has a very gentle exfoliating feel (like, very gentle)

Just a little close up on the micro beads that you can barely see

I would say that i was a little concerned about the cleanser cause i have to be honest that im not a fan of scrubs, but when i tested  out the texture, when they mentioned it to bea micro polish, they werent kidding. It's really micro, and i must say that its different than the usual scrubs that i've tested. When cleansing my face, it was very gentle in exfoliating, and what amazed me was that it didnt leave my skin feeling dry after washing it off, but instead, my skin felt very supple, clean and soft. Since it exfoliates, i would have to say its not advisable to use this daily. I would recommend to use this once or twice in a week on your skin according to your skin's needs.

Neutrogena Bright Boost Illuminating Serum

The Bright Boost Illuminating Serum

Next would be the Neutrogena Bright Boost Illuminating Serum! Im a huge fan of serums, so i take my serum's pretty seriously. This serum has been formulated with the highest concentration of Neoglucosamine, making this my star product of getting the best out of the range, and its enriched with calming tumeric extract. (And dont forget the good benefits in brightening when it comes to tumeric). The serum claims to even out skin tones and reduces the appearance of dark spots & hyperpigmentation. Since my all time concern has always been dark spots, i was immediately hooked on wanting to give this a go. 

Liquid + creamy like texture

A little thick, but as you glide it over skin, i noticed that it gets absorbed pretty well

It comes in a 30ml bottle and i would have to say that the feel of this serum really has a luxury feel to it considering that it comes in a glass bottle. In terms of texture, i got to highlight that the texture is very lightweight and it was very well absorbed by the skin. I would recommend to apply this twice daily (day & night), and what i like to do is to directly drop the serum over my face (the 5 points), and gently rub it in with my fingers. 

Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream

TheBright Boost Gel Cream

And to close up the routine, we have the Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream. I dont know about you guys, but gel-typed creams are literally my all-time fave! Having oily combination skin, usually, creams can be too thick for my skin, so gel creams has always been my go-to option. The Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream contains Neoglucosamine, AHA, PHA and Mandelic Acid to boost skin surface turnover by 10x. 

Comes with a spatula to prevent contamination

I really love the light weight texture of this gel cream! Cooling too as you apply it on the skin 

It comes in a jar case, so i would really advise you to get a spatula to scoop the gel cream out each time you apply to keep the contents clean and fresh till you finish it up. Since its in gel cream, it has been expected that the texture feels amazing on the skin. Its lightweight, well absorbed by the skin and it leaves this naturally cool feeling of freshness. I would apply this twice daily (day & night) and after about almost a month of using this, i would honestly say that i do notice an improvement in skin tone, texture and even when it comes to fine lines if i must say so. Secret tip, i would wear a thicker layer at night for that EXTRA boost of hydration at least once a week. Trust me, it really does wonders. 


Would i repurchase? No doubt i would! 

To conclude my honest review, i would have to say that Neutrogena's Bright Boost range definitely offers an innovative option to achieve brighter skin. Typical brightening skincare ranges are usually too drying for the skin, but what makes this range different would be that it provides all the necessities that your skin needs, from exfoliating to calming and not to forget hydration. I use my regular basic cleanser daily in a week, followed by the exfoliating at least once a week, and really, I have not experienced any bad reactions which makes me feel confident to say that the range is highly recommended for those who have oily combination skin like me. Although it does claim to be suitable for all skin types, i can only share my experience based on my skin type. 

You can get them from Watsons Malaysia!

Its exclusively available in Watsons, and in terms of pricing, i would have to say that its a little high where, the Resurfacing Micro Polish is priced at RM49.50, while the Illuminating Serum is priced at RM84.60 and the Gel Cream is priced at RM85.50, but for the quality of ingredients that offers results, i would say its definitely worth skipping one session of deep facial at a beauty center. Overall, i do see a difference in radiance and after using this range, i pretty much wear less makeup cause i feel very confident with my skin now. Well, feel free to ask me any questions if you have in the comment below and i'll take extra effort in getting back to you soon! I hope you found this post informative and if you have tried the range yourself prior to reading this post, do holla at your girl on what you love about it! 

Sara, xx

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