Thursday, July 15, 2021

[REVIEW] PLDQ Waterful Moisture Snail Cream | Water Based Snail Cream

When was the last time you moisturized?

I don't know if you realized, but Malaysia has recently become pretty hot with all the heat coming from the sun. And when we talk about the sun, im talking about the harsh UV rays which actually are the main cause of aging to our skin. Yikes! Without further a-do, I decided to hunt for a moisturizer that would keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, and when it comes to moisturizing, usually snail-based moisturizers never fail. 

Got my parcel all the way from Korea with some freebies!

The first time I heard about these snail moisturizers was during my visit to Korea and we all know that Korea is like the land of beauty, which lead me to explore Korean brands and found myself being hooked on PLDQ's Waterful Moisture Snail Cream. It comes in a big 200ml tub and it functions not only as a moisturizer but also as a night mask as well! Gotta love the multipurpose usage!

Presenting to you PLDQ Waterful Moisture Snail Cream

Texture: Gel-like texture 

Just for your information, the PLDQ is manufactured in Korea and it comes in a 200ml Big Size tub which I believe would be sufficient to last me a month or two. And the hook that got me into getting this would be that it's multi-functional, offering benefits of reducing wrinkles and brightens the skin as well. With the main ingredients of 10000ppm of snail mucus filtrate, Cantella extract, walnut root extract, and rosemary leaf extract, it naturally provides restoring benefits to the skin while providing the moisturizing nutrients to ensure that skin stays energized and supple. 

May be a little thick when applied, but it feels lightweight on skin

Going into detail on the texture, as we all know, snail mucus tends to have a sticky residue since that is the secret ingredient that protects the skin from drying at all times. At first, I thought the texture was a little too thick for my oily skin, but after a few minutes of leaving it on, the cream slowly becomes lighter and it doesn't feel as heavy anymore. Considering it's a hydrating moisturizing cream, I guess you can expect that it's super thick when you apply it at first, but as you leave it on, it gives your skin a nice dewy glow. Major love! Btw, in case youre wondering how to use this snail cream, here are some tips on multiple ways you can consider using them! 

Application 1 | Night Routine

Use it by applying a thick layer and leave it on

After washing your face, you can apply PLDQ Snail Cream on your face and wrap your face with a new cotton sheet to let the nutrients and benefits of the cream to sink into your skin for 9-13 minutes. Remove the face mask and lightly dab the skin to let the skin fully absorb the remaining essence of the snail cream.

Application 2 | Night Cream

After cleansing your face, apply toner and apply the PLDQ snail cream. Gently massage your face in circular motion till the skin fully absorbs the Snail Cream. To ensure that the cream is well absorbed by the skin, lightly tap the skin to encourage absorption. 

Application 3 | Daily Usage

Apply just enough amount as a moisturizing cream before applying make up

This is by far my favorite way to apply the PLDQ Snail Cream. After cleansing, apply toner then apply a pea-sized amount of snail cream and spread it evenly on the face. It will create a primer layer on the skin, giving it just the right texture to apply to makeup while it keeps the skin well hydrated throughout the day. I noticed that using this method, also made my makeup last longer than usual. 


As an overall verdict, I would have to say that for RM59.70, it's definitely worth more than that! The original price on-site actually cost RM107, but I got this from Shopee at 44% which I think is a steal deal! It may not be like a big international brand, but the quality of the formulation is just as good as the big brands I'd say. Would I repurchase? I would definitely say yes because it's affordable and fact that I've been using it for over a week now, I still love how soft it makes my skin feel, not to forget the appearance that it leaves on my skin. Be sure to get it on shopee at this exclusive price! I'll share the link below in case youre interested. Hehe. Tata for now!

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