Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Unbelievable Packages for Takaful & Road Tax Renewal Plans

The numbers of the Covid-19 cases have been uncontrollable since and im pretty sure all of us are struggling with getting our errands done for the year. While you are safe by staying at home, let me introduce to you CAKNA, who will always offer attractive packages to help lighten your needs! This time around, CAKNA takes you towards a blessed and more significant transaction to get your errands done at ease without worries. 

I would significantly say that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has left not only me but has also been a huge impact on the economy and daily lives of Malaysians. CAKNA has been called upon togetherness to all government agencies, including the private sector, to work together facing this very difficult period by reducing the burden of society through a solution that they have come up with, CAKNA. The role of CAKNA may be small but our focus is to help ease the burden of Malaysians.

For your information, CAKNA offers the Takaful and Road Tax Renewal Scheme (TRTS) through a digital application developed by CMA Solutions Sdn Bhd with the support and cooperation of Coshare Holdings Berhad as a salary deduction agency recognized by the Accountant General's Department of Malaysia, rest assured guaranteeing you a safe platform to renew your schemes through a digitalized platform. 

On top of that, CAKNA also offers micro-credit financing with the concept of 'Qard Ul Hassan', which is shariah-compliant financing without "interest" and interest-free. Repayment of this financing is in installments through deduction of staff salaries without charging any "interest". Together we are definitely moving forward towards a blessed and more significant transaction. With CAKNA, it is possible to get all your needs done in a much safer environment. 

3 Key Advantages of CAKNA 

1. Manage completely online - fast, easy & simple. 
2. Easy payment without interest 
3. Easy payment with salary deduction - personal information details are protected 

Who is Eligible to Apply for CAKNA 

1. Government Employees 
2. GLC employees who have registered with Coshare Holdings Berhad * for salary deduction 
3. Private Company Employees * COSHARE HOLDINGS BERHAD is a company entrusted by the government to use the salary deduction CODE of government employees and statutory bodies. Coshare does not use SPACE BUREAU DEDUCTIONS but deductions through COSHARE (Civil Servant Salary Deduction Code Owner). Coshare is not a Cooperative and has no membership fees.

How Does CAKNA Work? 

1. Get a quote, complete the form online as shown below. Be reminded ye, to get a quote, road tax at least 2 months before expiration. 
2. Select Takaful Package 
3. Log in to the CAKNA portal 
4. Select the payment method (3 types namely Government Employees Salary Deduction, Private Company Salary Deduction and Direct Online Banking) Want to understand more, you can watch the video below which is a clear explanation of how to make a new registration on the CAKNA website.


So what are you waiting for? Be sure to get your price list and quotation now! It's not just an easy application format, but the price is definitely affordable too! Head on over to www.cakna.my by choosing from various packages that they have to offer. The interest-free package is charged on the financing and the E-cover note will be displayed as soon as 48 hours! So, be sure you register now!


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