Monday, November 15, 2021

[REVIEW] SIMPLYSITI's Reflection of Perfection Cosmetics

SimplySiti has grown to be well known and loved by the citizens of Malaysian beauty enthusiasts, especially when it comes to her cosmetics. To celebrate the growth of SimplySiti's current collection, the brand has introduced a whole new range that has been inspired to be a reflection of perfection. SimplySiti has been in the industry for over 11 years in Malaysia and now has been very well known to suit all types of Asian skin. 

Within the range, I would have to say that the beauty of the range is that it offers a matte finish, which definitely is a trending texture when it comes to cosmetics. Not only that it has been designed and formulated to leave a matte finish, but also leaves your skin a natural finish as well. With this launch, SimplySiti hopes to regain its business back on track again as the brand has suffered a tremendous loss during the pandemic. 

On top of that, coming back into the industry with a big bang, SimplySiti has appointed a new brand ambassador, Zahra Zura Aziza Zahanor who happens to be a UITM student. She was chosen among 700 other participants in a competition to be the face of SimplySiti. She is the first ambassador appointed by the brand and will continuously be promoting the range by SimplySiti. So don't be surprised when you see her on shelves in stores.

The beauty of the beauty range would be that it's designed to be easy for Muslim women, especially when it comes to preparing for prayers each time. The range has been scientifically proven and clinically approved to be Halal Certified. Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza is happy that loyal users have been continuously supporting the brand and she is happy to ensure that the brand is easily accessible by ensuring that it's available not only in retail but also through Shopee as well. 


Considering that the range is new, I just had to get my hands on it to really test it out myself. Among the items that I'll be reviewing today would be their Eye Shadow Palette, powder blush, mascara, miracle sunscreen, semi-matte lipstick, eyeliner, loose powder, two-way cake, and liquid foundation. Since there is a lot within the range, I'll be basically concluding my thoughts on each of them and i'll also be sharing a few swatches for you to check out through this review as well. 

SimplySiti Cushion Foundation

Starting with the Cushion foundation, they offer 3 different types of shades, but I got mine in medium which is like the in-between shade from light and tan. With such minimal choices, I was initially a little reluctant to give it a go, but when I swatched it, I noticed that the shade blends in with my skin really well! Having oily-combination skin, I love that it feels light-textured, and it has this blurry effect to give it a natural finish. It's also water-resistant, making it perfect for traveling, and not to forget that it has SPF 50 as well to protect the skin from harsh UV rays. 

SimplySiti Matte Lipstick

Next would be the Matte Lipstick which is to die for. Usually, I'm not a fan of matte lipstick considering that it usually leaves the lips dry and flaky, but this is a whole new formulation! The texture is creamy, pigmented, and most importantly, moisturizing! It has a pretty good balance of oil and wax, to ensure that it keeps the lips hydrated and nourished. What more can you really ask for from a Matte Lipstick? I did a test today but forgot to take pictures, and I would say it's pretty long-lasting for up to 12 hours!

SimplySiti Powder Blush

I've been needing a blusher and i have to confess that its one of the toughest things to bring around when you need a brush to bring with you if your blusher comes in a palatte. Lucky enough, SimplySiti found a solution for this problem. The blusher comes in a puff blusher form which makes it really easy to apply it over the cheeks. Despite it being in puff form, the shade is well pigmented, so after applying, i noticed that it instantly lisfts and softens the application making it a quick on-the-go blush check when youre really rushing. The shades offered are really luxurious and i got mine in shade____ which suits my skintone really well. 

SimplySiti Eye Shadow Palette

The Eye Shadow Palette comes in nude natural tones which makes it pretty good for everyday use. The shades came in a really good combination to suit and create day looks, and even night looks, depending on your creativity. But really, if youre wondering if its pigmented, here are some swatches for you to see. The swatch i did is a one time swatch and i would say that the pigment is pretty good. Its not as strong, but the good side of this is that its easily blendable and you can basically layer it depending on how thick you want your eye shadow to be. For endless eyeshadow creations, this has provided the perfect formula. 

SimplySiti Eye Liner

As simple as it is, the eye liner is a retractable eyeliner which saves you from the typical eye pencil that you have to constantly sharp before using it. I did a swatch test and im impressed with how pigmented it is! Literally i did not put too much effort when it comes to pressing the eye liner on, but man, this is good stuff! It's easy to navigate since its thin enough to fill in the eye, and it's also smudge proof, giving you less worries when it comes to contact with water. 


In terms of pricing, i would say that its extremely affordable for the quality that it offers. If you have to ask which product would be my top 3 from the range, i would definitely say it would be the cushion foundation, the powder blush, and the semi matte lipstick. The finish over the skin is amazing, and i must say that it stays on the skin pretty well throughout the day. No smudges, no sudden unevenness, and the appearance on skin overall is satisfying. If you would like to get your hands on it as well, be sure to get it from shopee or in selected pharmacies! 

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