Saturday, November 27, 2021

Christmas Promotions and Fun Activities at Citta Mall

As we're all trying to keep our distance during this pandemic, I personally like to go to Citta Mall being one of my favorite malls to explore considering it's like your little neighborhood mall that practically has all the things you need. From food, entertainment, groceries, and so much more, I gotta say that the mall is conveniently located within Petaling Jaya and that parking is always plenty. You won't ever have to worry about not getting a car park whenever you're there. Considering the virus also spreads faster in air-conditioned areas, I'm happy that Citta Mall has an open concept, making it way safer to enjoy the outdoor breeze without being under the hot sun. 

After a while of not being out, I decided to check out what Citta Mall has to offer with close friends, especially when I haven't been there for a while, and to my surprise, there are so many new stores being opened at the mall. Lucky enough, my favorite stores like Onde-onde is still there, so I'm pretty much contented with the whole minor change of the mall. In fact, it just got better! While waiting for my friends to arrive, I made a pit stop at SOStretch, which is a Physiotherapy center that helps to solve your body pain issues. I had no regrets popping by as they really did a great job in minimizing my shoulder pain. Also before I forget to mention how I ended up at their outlet, it's only because they were offering this amazing deal at RM88 per session which usually would instead cost you over RM169+ per session. That's more than half the price, and I couldn't really resist! So, if you ever want to experience the physio solution to solving your body pains, this would absolutely be a good time to do so. 

Lunch at Original Kayu

So, to start off with our outing, we decided to meet up at Original Kayu which happens to be a new attraction to Citta Mall. I don't remember seeing Original Kayu previously during my last visit (which was also before covid happened) and now, they have it here! I love how quiet it is, and not to forget that there are ample of seats at the restaurant. If you're a fan of Mamak food, you'd know that Original Kayu serves the best of the best, so this being a gathering occasion, we couldn't resist ordering what they were famous for, which was their Fish head curry, the fried squid, fried chicken, daging masak hitam and more! What was even better is that I felt like we were living in the future, since Original Kayu had these robot waiters serving us our main dish. Hands down, we are definitely living in the future considering I'm experiencing this. 

Firezone (VIP room)

After filling in our tummies, we just had to sing our hearts out for finally catching up after years of not seeing everyone. One thing I love about Firezone would be that they have this seperation for smokers and non-smoker users which I appreciate as I never really enjoyed the smell of cigarettes. To spice up our experience, we just had to book ourselves the VIP room which was really pleasant as the space is huge, and it even comes with this old school mike where you can imagine yourself taking center stage when you're singing. Gotta say we had a blast!


Got a little thirsty after all the singing, so we made a pit stop at one of my favorite places, Onde-onde. They serve amazing variety when it comes to Nyonya food, and I love how consistent their dishes are served. Considering we made a pit stop here during tea time, I just had to cool off with their ABC accompanied by the kuih muih's that were really colorful for the picture. Just to name a few on what we ordered, we had Sago Gula Melaka, Cendol Gila Melaka, ABC, Aromatic Rojak Buah, Cucur Sayur, Belacan Eggplant Chips, Keropok Lekor, and aneka Kuih Muih which pretty much was great for sharing! 

Baskin Robbins

While exploring the new changes in the mall, we passed by Baskin Robbins and couldn't resist checking out their latest promotion offering a little something with the theme of minions! They had a pretty good array of limited-time minion offers on the menu, but I guess I had to go for the classic pint-size ice cream to bring home cause I wanted to enjoy it with the fam bam. Also, take note that there's this banana ice cream flavor that I think is pure genius! I mean, we all love banana boat sundaes, but banana ice cream... that's a whole new level of ba-na-na glory! 

Movie Time

Also, I actually never knew that Citta Mall had a cinema, and we explored the top floor where they actually had GSC as their tenant! Initially, we didn't really plan to watch a movie, but heck when we saw that GSC was offering new recipes on their popcorn, who could really resist? haha. I mean, I haven't watched a movie in agest since I had kids, so why not just live the moment to the fullest right? So, while exploring the hallways, I notice that this has to be one of the most colorful cinemas that I've been to. Even the cinema hall is different than your common cinema hall. Considering watching a movie, but misusing out the movie crowd? Citta Mall is the place to be. 

Peak Fitness

Believe it or not, after all the hectic activities that we've done, I actually planned a fitness session with Miriam to do a HIT workout together. I mean, being a mom and all, I never really have the luxury to work out at my own time, so here I am making time after all the indulging from Original Kayu and Onde Onde. I gotta say that this isn't my first time at Peak Fitness, and the reason why I love this place is that it's super private, and the crowd is pretty much 'less intimidating if you know what I mean. haha. Nevertheless, I had a good workout session with the trainers and of course with close friends. Great place to plan a fun workout together. 

Common Ground

Got some work to do? Common Ground is one of my favorite places to be when it comes to co-working spaces. If you're already familiar with the providers, did you know that Common Ground at Citta Mall happens to be the largest co-working space in Malaysia? With a pantry, unlimited internet access, and the ability to participate in Common Ground networking events, it's definitely a great place if you're doing self-entrepreneurship or simply just handling a small SME business that might just grow when you meet someone while you're there. I'd like to say that Common Ground is where miracles happen (in my case, getting my job done for the day).

Ohsem Chai

If you're a lover of tea, Ohsom Chai is something you would want to check out. They offer authentic blends of CTC Black tea with natural herbs & spices (that comes with a variety of health benefits too!). brewed the traditional classic way to give you nothing but the authentic flavors that we all love from chai tea. So while you're there, be sure to check this out. 

To conclude our day, i personally find Citta Mall one of the safest malls to explore with family and friends since they strictly follow the SOP during this pandemic to prevent any infections. Would i recommend to shop and dine in at Citta Mall? I would say a big fat yes! I really felt safe and best of all, they had all the things i wanted to do while i was there. Its a great place for families too considering the mall is friendly for family with kids, which also assures me that i would want to take my family out (when in need) at Citta Mall. Well, i hope you found this blog post usefull. Till my next outing to another mall. xx

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