Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Everday is V-day with Lactacyd

Sup guys (I mean ladies)! With Valentine's day just around the corner, isn't it great to know that Lactacyd has your back? Other than that one special day on Valentines Day, we also have the rest of our days celebrating V-day. And by V-day, I mean your miss Vajayjay. Surprised you didn't I? Haha. Well, on a personal health note, I think this is a great topic to talk about during Valentine's day cause other than emotionally feeling loved, I think its highly necessary to show yourself what its like to be showered with love (especially when in the shower)! No kinky thoughts! Im talking about hygiene and health.

So ever since I was a teenager, Lactacyd has been one of my first ever feminine wash that has been introduced to me, and I always had a premium impression on the brand since I started using it. Now, it's great to know that Lactacyd is encouraging all Malaysian women to show a little self-love this Valentines Day because we as women, deserve it! Currently on going with a campaign themed ‘Be The Best You on V Day’, its time to really bring that inner confidence out, especially on Valentine's day.

And in case you haven't heard, from just one range, Lactacyd now presents to you 4 more variants to keep a look out for to suit different lifestyles of women. And gurl, im tellin ya I need all of them for different occasions! #nokid. The 4 features feminine Hygiene, All day Fresh, Soft & Silky and White Intimate which is pretty clear on what it focuses on. And today, im happy to share with you that V-day isn't just about Valentine's day but its also about loving yourself. Loving yourself first is actually the best love you can give to anyone else.

Present during this special occasion, we had 3 amazing women, Datuk Dr. Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, an obstetrics and gynecology specialist, Weena Marcus who is Miss Tourism Malaysia 2009/2010, and Juanita Ramayah, former HITZ radion host and current TV host sharing their personal thoughts on personal hygiene. I believe one of the most important tips they shared was that it's not good to entirely wash your vajayjay with normal soap. With Lactacyd, it generally helps to maintain the ecosystem balance and at the same time protects your vagina from being exposed to unnecessary bacteria.

That's not all we did! Blessed to be able to be present, we also had a moment to express self-love by creating our own 'Loving Me Basket'. If you know me well, you'd know im a sucker over flowers! With a seasoned florist being present, we were guided by the florist on how to make our own bouquet of flowers accompanied by Lactacyd products. As a first timer, I'd think I did pretty well in decorating my basket right?

Well, that's enough sharing for the day. I hope you know that it's very important to take care of your miss V as it plays a huge role in protecting your health. For your information, Lactacyd contains lactic acid that helps maintain the PH balance of your V. So stop washing it with tap water and start giving it a little extra love. Trust me, with a healthy V, you'd be a healthier you! Feel great and boost your confidence with Lactacyd. Also, be sure to follow their official social sites as i heard that they will be running a 'Be The Best You on V Day' campaign throughout the month of February 2019.

#BeTheBestYouonVDay #LactacydVLoveYou

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Science On Skin | UV Porcelain+ - Review after 1 month of consuming

With high-tech technology taking over the era, even beauty has taken their skills up a notch. When we talk about youth, its all about preventing wrinkles from forming on the skin, and what better way than to prevent wrinkles by applying sunblock daily. As a beauty enthusiast, it's definite that UV rays are the cause of wrinkles as they cause the skin to age faster than it should. Moving forward to a more revolutionary of inner sunblock, Science on Skin has launched the SOS UV Porcelain+ 'inner sunblock' skincare supplement.

Just for the record, before I got the hold of this for myself, I saw good reviews on this by a few of my friends who have tried this when they launched in Malaysia earlier in 2018. And when I met them in person, I do see that their skin has improved showing radiance, smoother texture, firmness and of course reduction of pigmentation. If you have been following me through my beauty diary, you would know that my main concern has always been pigmentation (since im always out in the sun), which led me to be very interested in SOS UV Porcelain+ to give my skin and body extra protection.


The first thing that came into my mind when I first heard about it was 'what is SOS UV Porcelain+'? Well, to answer your question, its a breakthrough in skincare technology offering oral skin supplements with its triple action formulation for broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection as well as stimulation of collagen, elastin production, and skin brightening and whitening. A little skeptical at first, but after going through some thought about it, the best way has always been from within. And yes, I mean by the food we consume, your body fitness and consider this supplement as a booster to give your body that extra boost in protection.


Going into more details on SOS UV Porcelain+, I also got a little curious about what ingredients and if they are safe. After doing a little digging, rest assured that the active ingredients of SOS UV Porcelain+ are encapsulated in quality modified release capsules and are under strict control of the US FDA ensuring that proper transport of valuable ingredients through the stomach is being absorbed by the body. Consider it more of a simplified diet, say instead of eating 50 tomatoes in a day, it has been simplified into a single 750mg capsule to consume daily.


The ultimate benefit that I look forward to from SOS UV Porcelain+ would be that it blocks off harmful UV rays and provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection making it a great defense for my body to acknowledge on especially when im always loving the sun. It also claims to reduce sun sensitivity and lightens and brightens overall skin tone for a luminous, glowing complexion. Its Manufactured in the USA and Certified by US FDA to reassure to you once again that it has been tested and definitely safe to consume.


So just a short hands-on review, I got myself a box which contained 30 capsules packaged in individual blisters and every morning before breakfast, I would usually take one capsule and apply sunblock just before being exposed to the sun. For the first 2 weeks, I didn't see much difference other than seeing my skin scars getting lighter but moving forward to the 3rd and 4th week is where I started to see a huge difference. Other than seeing some of my pigmentations looking less obvious, my skin complexion was amazing. It was bouncier, smoother and has made my skin tone look more even.


As a verdict, I would have to say that its an amazing supplement to consider if you want to focus on keeping your skin look healthy. In terms of repurchasing, I would have to comment that its a little pricey when a box of SOS UV Porcelain+ cost RM429 to last you a month, but I would definitely opt for this rather than those unsafe whitening injection that has yet to be verified as legal in Malaysia. I wanted to add my before photo, but give me a while to hunt for that photo and you'll definitely see the difference. Hehe

Science On Skin