Thursday, February 21, 2019

[REVIEW] First DPL (Dynamic Pulsed Light) treatment at Wax Candy

Oh boy, it has been such a busy year this year. From prepping myself to smoothly merge into 2019 to planning like mad for my upcoming reception by the end of January 2019. Finally got some time to settle down, and im enjoying my weekend today by sharing with you my recent experience of going through the Dynamic Pulsed Light (DPL) treatment at Wax Candy for the first time! You might have heard of IPL, but let me just share with you that DPL is the latest technology of combining IPL and Lase power for a semi-permanent form of hair reduction. So, if you're here to read about my review on DPL, please scroll below to find out more!


My chosen DPL location this time around would be the Wax Candy as I've heard so many good reviews on their services. Other than maintaining optimum hygiene, their after service has been well known to be good too! Established in 2016, they have revolved around "hygiene lifestyle" and has ever since aims to ease your mind when visiting their wax bar. You might have noticed that there's a bear as their logo which got me a little curious, and to my surprise, it actually resembles their concept of 'from bear to bare'. That amused me a little cause I thought it was really cute!


You may know that DPL stands for Dynamic Pulsed Light, but how does it work when it comes ro semi-permanently removing hair? Slightly similar to IPL, except better, the method uses laser light converted to heat energy, where the head energy will loosen the hair and disable the follicles for future hair growth.  And if you are tired of shaving/plucking/waxing every once in a while, good news cause the DPL claims to permanently give hair reduction results by 70-85%!


You might be hesitant to do DPL if you're used to waxing, so I took the time to do a little research on what makes DPL way better than waxing/shaving. The benefits are that the treatments are quick since its a laser hair removal treatment, you will definitely save more in the long run especially when your hair reduces its growth period, it last longer than when you shave, and it can eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs! In my overall opinion, I was already convinced that it reduces my time of needing to wax every now and then. I was told that the DPL would require fewer treatments than shaving. For example, if you shave every 2 weeks, with the DPL, you would only need to go once every 6 weeks, PLUS it reduces your hair growth which eventually leads to lesser maintenance on unwanted hair.


Believe it or not, the whole treatment only took me less than 10 minutes and my underarms were instantly hairless! They brought me to a private room where they had a high bed for me to lie onto, while my beautician passed me a towel to just cover my upper part of my body when I take my top off. So once you're ready, your beautician would assist in shaving your underarm hair first as its required, then apply very cold gel to your underarm before exposing it to the DPL machine.

The DPL machine had this metallic tip in which it will flash really bright lights, so they gave me this light protecting spectacles to protect my eyes during the treatment. To be honest, throughout the whole treatment, I was told that some would feel that its like ant bites, but since my hair around my underarm is not that thick, it really felt like nothing. It was quick, easy and painless if you ask for my thoughts. And that's it! The beautician told me that once my hair grows again, it would definitely fall out since I did the DPL treatment.


As a verdict, I would have to say that Candy Wax, The Waxing Bar was a pleasant experience as my first choice to go for a DPL treatment. On a personal note, I would advise you to take their package if you would like to maximize the DPL treatment at a more reasonable rate as if you take individual sessions, then just underarm would cost you RM329/per session. Despite being a little on the higher price range, I would say that it is worth it especially when it saves you time, with less worries and with long term results, that does not require you to frequently shave/wax anymore. Hehe.

Also before I forget, if there are any men out there who might want to be hairless too, Candy Wax offers full body waxing and DPL for men too. Though, this would require bookings in advance as they have specified beauticians to handle the treatment for the males. Currently growing strong with 2 outlets now, be sure to take time to visit their outlet and see what treatments they have to offer, I promise you that you would not regret! For more details, you may also check out their social pages below.

Wax Candy

Taman Desa Outlet 
Lot 115A First Floor, Podium Block, 
Faber Towers, Jalan Desa Bahagia, 
Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 7971 9999 / +603 7972 1999

Damansara Utama Outlet
67M, Jalan SS21/37, 
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, 
T: +603 7722 5277

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