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HKTDC DG Studio features premiums from Hong Kong

Hong Kong Trade Development Council presents DG Studio
Hey Guys, just decided to share some things that i did over the weekend last month featuring a little something from Hong Kong Trade Development Council DG Studio which came all the way from Hong Kong. Being an artsy person myself with a background of architecture, i must say that im a sucker over creative and quirky things that makes daily products fun! I've never been to Hong Kong before in person, but after looking at all their innovative creations, it makes me feel like i need to plan a visit! So, just a rough introduction on what Hong Kong has to offer, scroll down to find out more!

Some featured items for diy home gardening gifts
As we all know, Hong Kong is one of the busies hub for shopping in South East Asia and also the source of high addictive tv drama's. By having the Hong Kong Trade Development Council promoting products and services from Hong Kong, DG Studio was a good eye opener to see how advance Hong Kong products are. There were twelwe brands being featured the other day in 1 Utama Shopping Centre and i was lucky enough to conincidently be there on the day to visit the booth. Hehe.

Artiart homeware and drinkware
Cardhoda firewall wallet protector
Eco concepts bio-degradable cups
Hoobbe household products
Starting of with a few brands that were featured, in the images above are some products from Artiart featuring innovative design household products brand that produces home wares, drink wares and business-related items with a creative, quirky fun and colourful take. Its AR Iceberg Suction Cup, with its grip bottom, and 100% leak proof Elegance Suction Bottle is heaven-sent for accident-prone individuals and are the company’s best sellers. Cardholda were featuring RFID and NFC card protectors in aluminium cases. Its aluminum case prevents malicious parties from unscrupulously reading cards containing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFD) chips for fraudulent activities. Eco Concept promotes bio-degradable cups and creative mugs made from 100% corn husks are attractive, innovative and fun. Its products are testimony that going green does not have to be boring. Hoobbe household products are creatively and cleverly designed to make excellent conversation starters when hosting guests at home. Forever injected with a dash of quirk and fun, its Wooly Pins Pushpin, Floaty Duck Salt & Pepper Shaker, Right Cake Measuring Cups and Thanks Giving Salad Server are bound to put arouse interest and raise smiles.

Hyone offering smart and stylish solutions
Kilovest promoting trending silicone fashion pieces
Konstar small home appliances
Super Apple Peeler received the reddot award 2014 honorable mention
M.H Blocks brick toys as gifts 
And next few brands would be a little somthing from Hyone, offering high quality aluminium products for everyday use. It markets smart and stylish design solutions for all occasions, with its focus on mobile phone gadgets and electronic accessories. Its Chic Crystal Ring that attaches to mobile phones to serve as a phone stand and fall proof Stand Firm Cup are best sellers. Kilovest showcased their silicon bags as a sustainable alternative of long lasting bags that is also easy to clean,  Konstar pecialises in small household appliances. Its design innovation simplifies how time-consuming household chores are done. 4 of its products have since been awarded the RedDot Design awards. (WOW!) While M.H Blocks shared some nano blocks for you to recreate memories of every journey with their micro-sized construction brick toys to indulge the inner-child. Its miniature version of the classic HK Kowloon Bus and HK Cross Harbour Ferry are popularly purchased as uniquely Hong Kong gifts.

Paris Garden gardening kits
Soap Studio action figures
Tea Lab tea infusers
Adding more fun into making tea
Team Green bio-degradable designer puzzles
Paris Garden was something i kept my eyes on since they were promoting more of urban farming. They were selling home gardening kits allow novice gardeners to grow their own herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers from home. Now anyone can have green thumbs with the easy to follow step-by-step guide included in the gardening kits. SOAP Studio features some action figures in adorable representation of familiar superhero characters such as Wonder Woman and Batman in its gift products and collectors’ items are sure to warm the hearts of superhero fans. Tea Lab featured something that may come in handy if youre a tea lover. Tea lovers will find the process of brewing a cup of tea more fun with the brand’s creative tea infusers and tea making accessories. Its unique tea scoop and infuser are firm favourites among the tea drinking society. And if youre a fan of green art, you'd wouldnt want to miss out on Team Green's eco-friendly and bio-degradable designer puzzles are made from ethically-sourced wood for gift-giving with a conscience.

Featuring one of their popular produtcs, the bio-degradable musical ferris wheel from Team Green
Personally speaking, i'd say that most of these are more of lifestyle proudcts and its a great for self-gifting or as corportare gifts as well. I really had a good time exploring their booth discovering diffferent creative, trendy and some quirky edge product that takes daily consumer products to a whole new level. For those that seek a unique twist in daily items, these products from the 12 brands under DG Studio are truly interesting. So, despite the showcase being over, you can still get these quirky items permanently available at Parkson Elite at Pavilion KL, Parkson at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, CM3 at Sunway Pyramid, Times Bookstore at Pavilion KL, Times Bookstore at Bangsar Shopping Centre, and Parkson Elite at Gurney Plaza, Penang.

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