Wednesday, December 9, 2015

[REVIEW] Origin Herbal Hair Treatment

Bee Choo Origin in Wangsa Melawati
Not too sure about where to start, but let me share you a thing or two about the secrets to my soft shiny hair since we are all dying to know solutions on how to get smoother, softer, silkier hair. Recently i was invited for a review session to Wangsa Origin Herbal Hair Care Centre, in Wangsa Melawati, and i'll be sharing to you what this Hair Care Centre is all about. From what services they offer to whether if it works. Read on fellow readers!


Ben Lee's story
An introduction to Origin Herbal Hair Care Centre, founded by Madam Cheah Bee Chew in 2000, who adopted an ancient formula of using 100% natural pure Chinese herbs in producing Herbal Paste Product. Currently with 50 franchises throughout southeast asia and still growing, its safe to say that they are doing pretty well by providing hair care services with their secret herbal ingredient.

The interior setting
With special herbs and formula handed down from ancestors, it has been proven that problems like hair loss as well as dandruff can be solved without any chemicals or preservatives. Other than that, i was told that the company's unique herbal hair  treatment are processed on a daily basis to ensure their freshness and effectiveness.


They are definitely well supported by thousands of satisfied customers who believes that the treatment improves blood circulation and at the same time activating hair follicles for hair to regrow faster. Theres only one way to find out! So let me share to you about the procedures which took about an hour and a half of my time. hehe

The microscopic scalp analysis device
First up, before the treatment started, i was introduced with their latest microscopic scalp analysis device, to monitor the customers treatment process. Based on my analysis, hair advisor mentioned that my hair looks good, with slightly blocked pores + oily scalp. And she also mentioned that its always great to sustain the condition of the hair before its too late.

Spraying Ginger Wine on Singer ZzatiRashid
 I got myself comfortable and sat on their chair, with the mirror facing me. As a start, they applied ginger wine to my scalp which i was told that it open ups and clean my pores around the scalp. Each time they sprayed the ginger wine, they gave a slight scrub around the scalp to just get the solution to do its magic.

Applying the herbal treatment to my scalp
Wrapped in crystal wrap and left it on for about 45 minutes
Once thats done, they used the highlight cream called the Herbal Cream which contains 10 different herbs to improve blood circulation, unblock pores, recondition the scalp and basically activating hair follicles to make sure your hair regrows in a healthier condition. woot! When they have completed the application of the cream around my scalp with the herbal cream, they wrapped it with crystal wrap and left it to steam for about 45 minutes.

15 minutes to go!
After washing my hair, my hair really felt smoother.
After 45 minutes, they washed the herbal cream off with shampoo and conditioner from orgin, followed by a blow dry. Once my hair was dried, they applied a tonic solution specially designed to improve hair growth. I was told that they have another different tonic solutions for different scalp condition, to solve dandruff issues too!


Zzeti Rashid's hair looks amazing too!
As expected, smoother softer hair! My hair had a slight faded shade from my last colour, but after the herbal treatment, i realised that it left a slight natural stain to my hair making it look darker. So, i wouldnt really suggest to go for the treatment if you have pastel bleached hair, but if you have grey hair, well good news! It will ensure that your hair regrows with a brownish shade which will wow friends and family members for sure!

We got some goodies to bring back too
The treatment is RM145 for long hair like mine and Zzeti Rashid, and it would definitely not cost you more than that if you have shorter hair. I also got myself some shampoo and conditioner with their toner to bring back since i love them so much. Hehe.


Some products by Origin
Products are also available for purchase if you're a little tight when it comes to your schedule. I would highly recommend you to try their tonic, because its THAT good. When they applied the tonic to my hair, it left a cooling sensation which i found it rather relaxing.

Other products by Origin
I believe that the company has always been their best to provide only the best for their loyal customers. With up-to-date technology and through constant research, its no wonder that they specialise in hair care in depth. Not too sure if im missing out on anything else, but if i am, please do leave a comment below, and i would love to get back to your question. hehe. Do visit Origin Herbal's official website or Origin Herbal Hair Care Centre's Facebook Page. Or if you want to get a little specific, this outlet that i went to was in Wangsa Melawati, do check out their Facebook Page as well.



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Sara xx


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