Friday, February 26, 2010


i tried and tried to forget you, & slowly youre fading away, into that black-hole. the past is the past, moving on to the future might be hard. knowing you for over a year, made me realize that i was wasting every second of my time. i was blind, not knowing people around me cared so much about me, even more than how you used to care. *at least i think you cared* they were always there, when i was blue, high, & etc. in my head, i was thinking that i didnt want to walk around solo, but i was wrong. i was never alone. every year, friends come & go. knowing who your real friends are and whos not, made me appreciate my real friends. a small number of them, but, they're all i need. whats the point having many people knowing you, and at the end of the day, you find them stabbing you behind your back. so, adios & sayonara to you & NEVER to my mates cause i know that they'll always be there for me <3


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