Thursday, December 18, 2014

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lingerie Workshop Review

So,3 weeks ago, I attended a Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lingerie Workshop in collaboration with FEMALE magazine, so thank you FEMALE Magazine for inviting me to the event. Just thought of sharing my thoughts in my blog and i hope you have fun reading my post :)

The registration area
It was held on the 29th of November 2014, at 10am at Parkson, Pavilion KL where people who attended had to pay a fee of RM20 per person or RM30 per pair. But the fee was definitely worth it for the stuff you get in your goodie bag.

Display models of the new collection of Calvin Klein

The whole point of the event was to be aware of their new Calvin Klein Underwear range, the Perfectly Fit. So we were the first few to understand the important features of the underwear, which was exceptionally soft wrap in knit fabric that offers superior stretch and a luxurious feel. And when I say luxurious, im not even kidding!

We had an ambassador to tell us more about Calvin Klein, but it was pretty funny when he started to explain about lingerie to all the girls in the room, as we all know that he’s a man talking about girly needs. Haha. But all in all, he was very informative and he did try his best to make it sound less awkward.

Andrea Kee, FEMALE's Deputy Fashion Editor giving us some tips on picking the right bra.
A mirror selfie with my date, Syafiera.

The session was very informative on the needs of a woman around the chest area, where comfort is concerned when wearing the right bra. There were a few types that were shown to us, which was the push-up bra, the triangle bra, the bare underwire bra, the modern shirt bra and the wire free t-shirt style bra. The ultimate would be that the pads are made out of memory foam to ensure superb comfort for a woman.

Group Photo with Calvin Kleins representative and also Andrea Kee from Female Mag.

The highlight of the day would be absolutely the new range of Calvin Klein, and also, having Andrea Kee, FEMALE’s Deputy Fashion Editor to discover with us the importance of a perfectly fit bra and score tips on how you can determine the Perfect Fit for you body shape.

Some stuff that we received in our goodie bags

Gift Vouchers to bring back home and redeem some goods!

Before the session ended, we had a small quiz session with of course, cash vouchers to be given out by Calvin Klein’s ambassador. I was lucky enough to know the answers to one of the questions, and won myself an amount of RM300 cash voucher which also means I will be getting myself new undies from Calvin Klein. YAY ME!

#ootd moment

If you also haven’t heard, Calvin Klein has recently launched their first independent store in Malaysia, for shopper’s convenience on purchasing their own Calvin Klein Lingerie with the best expertise to advice you on your needs. It’s located at The Gardens, so do drop by when you happen to be there. The texture of the bra is to die for!

For more information on Calvin Klein Lingerie, do visit their Official Page, and also for updates on events and promotions, do check out Female Magazine’s Official Page or Facebook page to keep yourself updated.

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