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Unboxing CubeCrate; March 2016 box

Advertisers for CubeCrate's March 2016 box
Hey you guys, today I'm back again! This time, I'll be sharing to you my CubeCrate March 2016 box. And if you haven't heard about CubeCrate, its actually a mystery subscription where you pay an amount for a box filled with mysteries that you never knew existed! Since I love getting surprises, and trying out new things, this has been the ideal gift to reward myself monthly. Cause y'know, we all have to self-reward ourselves for working so hard at times. hehe. As usual, each CubeCrate comes with a small newsletter and a leaflet telling you who are your advertisers this month. So let's go through with what I've got this month.


Bfab provides services at
And look! Got myself a giftcard worth RM30. SWEET! 
Managed to book myself a massage too! 
So apparently, CubeCrate introduced to me Bfab, and it's apparently a website that conveniently finds and books for you at the best  beauty salons and spas in Kuala Lumpur Instantly. I managed to check out their site at and I have to admit that the promotions are rather attractive to look at. And since CubeCrate gave me a RM30 Gift Card from Bfab, I say why not spend it before it expires! I managed to find a full body massage, priced at RM48 and after I minus out the RM30 Gift Card, I only had to pay RM18 in total! RM18 for an hour of body massage? I say why not! You can also check their site out since this is a new finding for me, and what I love most about Bfab it is that they give you the option to pay by cash when you arrive at the place. So you don't have to worry about making sure that you card has cash.


Check out Alakad at
Yep, its a card tha give you benefits on discounts and 2 for 1 deals! 
Next, would be that I got an Alakad card. I know what you're thinking, and I had the exact same question in my head. What is this Alakad card and what does it do? Well, after reading through the brochure, it says that feeds your gourmet needs. Whatever that means, in my understanding, it offers you discounts at places like thirty-two, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Grease Cheesesteak and more! I'd say that this card pretty much comes in handy when picking on places to hang out with your friends, family or even boyfriend and saves you money *wink* I really can't wait to get a chance to use this card, and start saving money as I eat out. YAS! For more information on Alakad, you can head on over to for more deets.


Handmade products from Claire anyone?
Scored myself Natural Handmade soap from Claire. 
Check out their website at for more products that they have to offer.
And the moment I saw that there's a Claire product in my CubeCrate box, I actually felt happy. We all know that claire has been around since 2012, and has been very active with offline market bazaars (that's how I knew about them). But the main highlight is that it's a Malaysian product! I believe in supporting home ground products, and I appreciate that CubeCrate has decided on focusing more on Malaysian based products. We need to support our own industry to build a better nation, yada yada yada. Haha. You get the drill. Since its a natural handmade soap, containing natural oils, I believe that this product is also suitable for all types of skin with healing properties. Sweet! Since its pretty compact, its also perfect to bring around during my travel.

Sweet Palate

Sweet Palate to please every palate
How can you not love the pastel colours?!
Talking about sweet, check out what i got in my box! Who knew that CubeCrate would send over some sweet treats in it too? Sweet Palate sent over a whole pack of their Meringue Kisses, and gosh, it's like love at first bite. It tasted amazing if you ask me. And the best part is that I didn't have to hunt for these sweet treats. Apparently they also offer inquiries on their desserts and treat to suit for events too! So looks like I have an idea on where my cake this year is coming from. Woots. Because good things are meant to be shared, you can contact them at 012-2898281 or 017-8843718 for inquiries. Alternatively, you can also email them at too.

Black Milk Project

Black Milk Project where you can check them out at 
Custom made specially for me. Awwhs <3
And check this out! I got a custom handmade keychain from Black Milk Project. It's really sweet that it's handmade,  and just look how cute my toast is? Keychains like this do come in handy when you need to find your keys in your bag. So looks like I'll be adding this to my keys, and on top of that, it has my name on it which makes it extra special. Thanks, Black Milk Project for the super adorable Keychain. I also got myself some vouchers to use, just in case I need an extra custom keychain for my friends too. Hehe.


Super Moist Lotion wiht Hyaluronic Acid from
Some information on the back
With collagen and elastin for an extra boost of youth! 
Non-sticky lotion y'alls! What is there not to love? 
Just in time!  MyCare Malaysia included a bottle of Super Moist Lotion With Hyaluronic Acid in my CubeCrate box. The description says that it contains 3 unique types of Hyaluronic Acid which permeate the different skin layers and works synergically to achieve optimum moisturization and skin firmness. And if you think this bottle looks familiar, it's because from my previous CubeCrate Box in February, I got myself the toner from the same brand. I've been using the toner for about a month now, and I actually see visible results on my skin. I wonder how good my skin will be with the Super Moist Lotion With Hyaluronic Acid being added into my skin regime? Woots!

Whats inside my CubeCrate March 2016 box? ^
And that's about it! Need that I remind you that a box of CubeCrate is priced at RM35 a box , or lower when you subscribe to their monthly packages. Even if you take a month of CubeCrate subscription, I would say that its worth more than what you pay for. Can't wait to use my  alakad card and Bfab gift card, thanks to CubeCrate. If you're tempted to get a CubeCrate box sent to your house each month, do not hesitate to visit to subscribe! Do leave a comment below if you have any constructive comments on CubeCrate as I would love to hear your opinions too! :)

Sara xx

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