Friday, August 11, 2017

Interesting Youtube Video | Motif Zakat by PPZ

So i was browsing through youtube over the weekend, and trust me when i say that i dont usually bother on videos that are not to my interest. But somehow this particular video really caught a lot of attention to me and sense a connection that it shared current issues that we face daily. I know in life we face tons of issues, but this topic is related to our belief and religion that makes us wonder if the money we give for 'Zakat' has been utilized in the best way possible?

Has the Zakat Centre been really helping those in need?
Being a mixed-blood myself. I admit that i never really bothers understanding or knowing about Zakat other than the times in highschool. But after watching the videos related to Zakat, i honestly had a sudden realization of guilt wondering if am i responsible to make sure that the money i contributed has been to good use? I usually do it cause i have to but now, i really want to know whether if it has been used to how i imagined it would.

Check, pay and monitor your Zakat at
Through the videos, i actually had the time to find out that we can check, pay and monitor our 'Zakat' by going to which i learned more about the idea of the more you give the more you get in return. Alhamdullilah, Allah has always tried to make life easier for those who give without expecting anything in return.

After watching a few videos by PPZ, i have to admit that it has questioned how life is and it does make me wonder if my contribution towards Zakat has not been taken advantage of. Honestly speaking, i've been watching their short videos on youtube and i actually enjoy their roleplay as its easy to understand and the fact that it shares valuable meaning to the community. (Thus the reason im sharing this).

Why are the homeless still homeless? 
If you think youre an activist or simply just someone who wants to make sure that your contribution towards zakat has been to good use, you should really check out more videos by PPZ for inspiration and thoughts on where you can start to make a change. Head over to for more deets. I must say that im proud to say that its a malaysian production and i do look forward to more videos by them soon!

PPZ Youtube Account : PPZTV

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