Thursday, August 17, 2017

[NEW] All Day Dining Menu | at TEMPTations Renaissance KL Hotel

Lets check out the All Day Dining Menu at TEMPTations Renaissance KL!
Exciting news! TEMPTations have revamped their menu and I'm excited to share with you their exciting menu spread. If you're not too hyped about going for buffets, well fret not as you can try TEMPTations' brand new all day dining menu which has an exciting dining approach that would surprise you. From starters and salads to sandwiches, soups, indigenous Asian and pasta, comfort food, pizzas and desserts, the refreshed menu has it all covered to save you from starvation.

TEMPTations Renaissance KL Hotel All Day dining menu
We have Global Master Chef Helmut Lamberger who brings the flavors of Malaysia to our international guests and the local diners. Serving all time classics such as pizza, pastas, and burgers with a unique twist to start up your appetite. With over 50 items to choose from, diners can savor western, Asian and local dishes prepared with local fresh ingredients.


Renaissance Burger
The light bites would feature popiah goreng, Buffalo style chicken wings, kerabu mangga and rojak for those who seek for light meals to enjoy. But if you're looking for sandwiches and soups with a twist, Renaissance has got it covered by serving Roti John, an all Malaysian sandwich of local baguette filled with minced chicken, egg and tomato/chili sauce served with a side dish of mango salad and vegetable kathi wrap, a tortilla filled with cottage cheese, potatoes, sliced onion, bell peppers and lettuce accompanied with yogurt mint dip. They even have butternut squash served with freshly baked bread, whilst the asam laksa with its spicy and sour paste would get you craving for more.


Rendang Pizza
This would be one of the new additions to the menu, serving the American style 10-inch pizza handmade with a twist. Renaissance presents to you the Rendang Pizza which contains chicken rendang, pepper, pineapple, bean curd with a dash of birds eye chili for an added punch as toppings. One of its kind, and indeed a very rare creation when it comes to pizza. Get a taste of it, and tell the world that you've tried one of the most unique pizza's ever made!


Oxtail Soup
Tagliatelle Turandot
Classic Hainan Chicken Rice
Other than that, you gotta take some time to try their indigenous dishes which features the slow braized Malaysian Oxtail soup infused with traditional spices such as coriander leaf and lime. Go back to basics by considering to the TEMPTations rendition of Nasi Goreng Kampong served with satay, fried chicken, fried eggs, prawn crackers and sambal belacan for the classic Malaysian delicacies or simply order their Hainan chicken rice which has been prepared to be one of the finest chicken rice you'll ever taste.

Holding a plate of Tagliatelle Turandot. mmm! 
Head over to TEMPTations anytime when you're around KL to try out the new all day dining menu with your family and friends. Located in the East Wing Lobby, you can plan ahead by making reservations by calling 03 2771 6692 or by emailing For more details, why not head on over to their social platforms which I will link below for your convenience.

Renaissance KL: Instagram | Facebook
TEMPTations: Instagram | Facebook 


  1. I am heading for vacations to Kuala Lumpur in the coming month and I will make sure to try all these! Please update your list if there are any news discoveries you make :)

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