Sunday, August 13, 2017

[REVIEW] My Shopping experience on SGShop Malaysia

This goes to all the shopaholics, I'm here to introduce you an exciting online site where you can ship items directly from China directly to Malaysia. I've always wanted to shop on Taobao since most of my Chinese friends would say that it's SUPER CHEAP to get fashionable pieces since fashion is always so fast paced, but it sucks when you can't read Chinese (boohoo). This is where SGShop comes in! SGShop is a Taobao Agent that can help you shop from Taobao and ships directly to Malaysia, especially just for you!

SGShop being an unfamiliar platform to some, im here to share with you my experiences shopping via SGShop! Im a buyer like all of you are, and I did have my fair share of insecurities when shopping on a new site which im not used to as I dont hear it from the people around me. But after testing it out for myself, I can reassure to you that SGShop is a safe platform to shop on and I'll warn you that it may be addictive! #youhavebeenwarned


There are two options to choose from on SGShop where you can either choose "Buy for me" or "Ship for me". To keep things short, Buy for me is when you browse through their website, add it to a cart then SGShop will help you ship it to Malaysia. Whereas Ship for me, on the other hand, helps you purchase items from China online based stores, then SGShop would once again help you ship it to Malaysia.

But being a first timer, I've decided to go for the "Buy For Me" option, cause I find it safer when I'm shopping on SGShop's website. Plus, it sucks that I can't read Chinese so shopping on other Chinese online based stores may be an issue. #firstworldproblems.


Now for the fun part! First, you can start by browsing through the website and pick the items that you want to purchase. I love the fact that everything has been converted to RM saving me the hassle to recalculate the total in my head. And what's even more exciting is that SGShop literally has almost anything which I shall let you know that I had a good 3 days of browsing through and it never ends!

Spotted some chic outfits, and a backdrop which I've always wanted to get but it's usually over RM200 in Malaysia for a good one. I was in hopes that its good, but thankfully SGShop has like a rating system for easier identification how likely the item matches the images online. Psst, here's a hint! Be sure to choose items that have RM0 charges on domestic shipping to save on your purchase. Once you're satisfied with your decision, pick your choice of colours (if any) then add to cart. And once everything is added, you can click your cart and see the items that you've purchased together with the total amount.


Once you've confirmed your purchases, next is to choose your payment option. Usually, i would choose Maybank2u or CIMBclicks, but what sucks about this is that they charge an additional 2.8% + RM0.80 on top of your total amount. Booo. But in my case, I chose to make payment by account balance, which may require me to top up my account and wallah, no additional charges. Hehe. Once payment has been made, you would also receive an email that your payment has been confirmed.


You may be required to wait till all your purchases arrive at SGShop's warehouse in China before being able to click "Submit Delivery" to avoid double shipping payments. And to check your order status, all you need to do is click your username, click "My Order" and all the things that you need to know would be on this page. And if you see all your items listed as "Arrived China Warehouse", then you're free to click "Submit Delivery" where you will be required to fill in your address and to pick a shipping method.


There are a few Shipping Methods available, and it really depends on the urgency of your needs. So in my case, I've decided to choose Sea Shipping cause its one of the cheapest shipping rates available since the stuff I purchased can be considered heavy. SOBS! I was also told by a friend that if your purchases are light, then Economy Air would be one of the best options to choose. Each item you purchase will have a description on the total weight as you check out.

Since I already paid for my items, next is to pay for my shipping fee which totaled up to RM66 + clearance fee + Service Charge (8%) which I think is fair considering the items I purchased can be considered big and heavy. And repeat payment method based on your preference. Once payment has been made, next the status of your items would be "Repacking in progress" and in about 2 days I checked, my status changed to "Sending to Malaysia". YAY!


And after 33 days of anxiously waiting, my parcel has finally arrived. It's pretty obvious that it's from SGShop since it's wrapped in an SGShop tape all over. Hehe. So here are some of the items that I bought if you're wondering. I'm planning to get the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar and I got my casses at a steal price! We all know how pricey MacBook Pro Cases can be, and you would not believe how much I got mine for. I also got myself some shirts for work, casual shoes, ballet shoes, lego and a portable backdrop anchor! The price of each item is listed below:

Macbook Pro Touch Bar Case 13" | RM38.91 
Macbook Pro Retina 15" | RM17.36
Macbook Pro Retina 15" Sleeve | RM27.08
Genuine Lego Star Wars | RM155.73
Portable Backdrop Anchor | RM65.97
Sascha Ballet Shoes | RM26.39
Ballet Socks | RM13.70 (x2)
Summer Slippers | RM10.42
Korean Top in white & black | RM10.28
Korean Top with choker collar | RM14.44
Koran Fan V Coat | RM20.83
I was actually a little concern about the quality of the items, and it took me a while to decide on which supplier to get the items from. But after really reconsidering my choices, I think the slightly expensive ones has better quality so I'm rather satisfied with my purchases. YAY! Despite the fact that it took me a while and whole lot of waiting to get my parcel, for the price i paid, I'd say it was worth it!


Day 1: Successfully placed an order with payment
Day 3: First item arrived at SGShop's Warehouse (China)
Day 5: All items arrived at warehouse with payment
Day 8: Shipping from China 
Day 33 : Received my parcel

Total price of items purchased: RM 421.03
Sea Shipping: RM66.00 
Service Charge 8%: RM38.25
Clearance Fee: RM0.98


And there you have it! I don't know about you, but I'm loving my purchases and I really can't wait to stock up more stuff to purchase from China. (OH LORD, this is so addictive!) Well, there you have it. If you have any further question, you can always ask me anything that is bothering you and I'll try my best to assist you with your concerns. Psst, if you're tempted to shop right now on SGShop, well here's a heads up that I'll be having a RM1000 Shopping Voucher giveaway for you to shop at SGShop! Conditions are super easy, and I'll be selecting 10 lucky winners to shop on SGShop.


Lets cut to the chase. Now, who here wants to win RM100 worth of shopping vouchers?! I promise you that it's super easy and all you need to do is just to follow the instructions below.

1. Be a follower of my blog, Facebook page or Instagram.
2. Follow SGShop Malaysia's Facebook & Instagram
3. Leave a comment below by telling me how excited you are about the giveaway!

Terms and Conditions of Contest:

1. Contest will be run from 14th August 2017 to 30th August 2017 [EXTENDED TO 8th September 2017], 11.59pm.
2. The 10 winners will be announced on the 10th of September 2017 via email and my facebook page.
3. Participants must be Malaysian, and a member of SGShop Malaysia.
4. SGShop Shopping Credit may not be converted to Cash or applicable for any withdrawal
5. SGShop Malaysia reserves the right of final explanation towards this collaboration.

Good luck and may you win some shopping vouchers to spend! xx


  1. I just got a very bad service from them myself. I've order only one item but 5 pieces of that item and paid the full amount for shipping. They subsequently only sent me one piece of the item order and told me they will refund me my purchase price for the remaining 4 pcs as the items are not in their warehouse. What about the shipment? I emailed them and they are not bothered replying after telling me that they will only refund the purchase price. They just say that's the best they can do and ignore my subsequent email.

    I've even purchased their SG Care service. Apparently an additional service from them to check and ensure that all I purchased is there before delivery. Obviously their SG Care service personnel didn't care. The terms and conditions of the service obviously also say that in the event where my product is not delivered as ordered, they will not only refund me the amount for the goods not received but also the shipping and administration fee. None of those were refunded. And I have a trail evidence of all this conversations with them on email and screenshots of all the terms and conditions of service that they didn't fulfill.

    Definitely a scammer and dishonest company. And agreed that they should not be allowed to be an agent. Will never ever buy anything from them again.

  2. Was their premium SVIP member, used to be good. Now, not only do they fail to satisfy customer's needs, experiences have nosedived into negative zone. Upon suggestion, I decided to check ou recent ratings I googled for "sgshop review" and read the Google reviews. Am shocked and yet not surprised! Shocked because others' experiences are worse! Not surprised because I encountered similar negative experiences.Nontransparent inconsistent policies, really hidden convoluted obsfuscated and creative reasons and charges from sgcare, inspection, value-add services, insurance, creeping/inflatwd/repetitive domestic shipping, administrative charges, etc. You wont know upfront but as your order becomes listed as "problematic order", all the charges, price discrepancies, increases in domestic shipping, etc. Also, their classification of items are arbitrary and inconsistent- their reclassification show their rules are so arbitrary and ambiguous. In addition, everything from books, magazines, toys, IT/electronics/electricals WITHOUT battery/cable/power supplies, tools, toys, apparel, and anything that has a label/logo) now no longer allow you to use normal air. Either lengthy sea shipping or expensive special air. Then, if you decide not to continue, you incur charges and surprisingly popped up like toadstools after a rain all the deductions, with the final refunded amt will have been deducted by returned domestic shipping, admin charges, etc. This is before considering the long time lag/delay. The final straw that broke the camel's back is the unprofessional customer service staff who do not bother to understand your concerns but speak down to you as if you are an idiot, beat their chests crying self-righteously, blindly (faithfully) citing company policy as a magical mantra as a shield. "... it is our company policy....." (The ubiquitous shield stronger than Captain America's shield... when asked the rationale, the same clihe was parroted. ".i am sorry that cannot...." (If say sorry, then really mean it! Insincerity stinks and smacks of the worst Hollywood, Bollywood, K-drama formula scripts). "..after you combine your orders, as long as on different dates, even if during promotion of no service charge, you incur further service charges.... company policy" (Rationale stopped at company policy repeatedly chanted. To think combining orders actually help them too!)
    " it is not easy to buy from others (not ez to buy from ezbuy).." (gee, they displayed a poetic flair). "....if you want to compare with other competitors, then go buy from them...". (Well, sure, i have chosen to forgo all the points accrued and switched). ".. why should i, what is there to update you when the taobao seller never replied me.." (i learnt that they are scared of Yaobao selers because the sellers can collude to refuse/veto against selling to agents' accounts and shipping addresses... consumer sovereignty?) "...if you want to speak to anyone else or hogher up, you are blocked by the mantra of you must send in a written request, every company does that...." (gosh, this is the new corporate millenium!). "....i dont want to waste time to call my COO, because he will always tell us to tell you to write in. ." You have to send in an email as if you have to submit an imperial edict to seek an audience with the emperor! Despite writng in and even furnishing your contact details with express explicit request to talk to him, you receive a canned, cookie-cutter standard reply. The paragraphs and syntax dont even sync or link! Maybe really earned enough or am milking us as much as the business model lasts before bursting or superceded by Alibaba. I discovered to my delight there are other alternatives: agents, direct shippers, personal shoppers, etc). DIY has become easy possible too! Thank you for sharing

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