Tuesday, June 12, 2018

JOOX Spreads the LOVE with local Celebrities this Ramadan

JOOX at Islam Buah Hatiku Orphanage with local celebrities
To lovers of music, im pretty sure that you would know that JOOX is a music streaming service which was launched in 2015 to be the biggest music streaming app in Asia, currently covering Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. What's even better would be that they are doing a great cause to give back to the needy this Ramadan season by being involved with local celebrities to visit an Orphanage. 

In this collaboration between JOOX and the local celebrities, they have worked hand in hand to make the 'JOOX Rasa Sayang' program a success being it the first series during this fasting month in 2018. The celebrities who were present for this program were Wani Kayrie, The 4aith, and Putera Muhammad. In case you're wondering, this welfare program has been introduced by JOOX Malaysia, is it the 2nd time happening in Malaysia. On the 31st of May, local celebrities and JOOX visited the Islam Buah Hatiku Orphanage in Semenyih to give them the festive vibes of Ramadhan by showing them, extra love. 

The story sharing session
For your information, 24 out of the 30 children from the orphanage are between the age of 2 to 6 and the other 6 are in their seventeen's. During the program, the invited celebrities managed to entertain the children by sharing with them stories, had recreational activities, and also got a chance to sing along together. To make the occasion even more memorable, the singers took the opportunity to break their fast with the children. Not to forget, these lucky children did not leave the night empty-handed as JOOX took the change to provide them with stationaries and a water bottle to each of the children too!

Truly a moment not to forget
If you would want some sneak peaks on the program, you can catch some behind the scenes of the program through the JOOX e-Beats. During the interview session with the celebrities, they mentioned that they were really happy to be given the chance to be a part of the program as it made them felt happy and touched to be a part of these children's life. They also shared that experiences like this are not to be missed as it would be cherished for a very long time.  

Let's hope for more activities like this would happen more often!
The 'JOOX Rasa Sayang' program is the first in 2018, and they plan to visit the disabled, old folks home and more with local celebrities from different states. I personally think that this is a program by JOOX Malaysia that I truly support which has so much meaning to make a difference to a person's life. Im hoping to see more similar programs by JOOX as they set good examples to other companies to care for those who are usually not in mind. Through this program, I think that they have shown us that it's not hard to give back as your attention would mean more than a diamond to some people


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