Thursday, January 16, 2020

SSKlinic Transforms Dina Nadzir | SSSlim Lose Weight Treatment

Introducinv SSKlinic
Earlier this week, i was honored to be one of the lucky few guest to witness a sharing session with Dina Nadzir, former Malaysian Idol runner up winner and currently a radio DJ for ERA FM, who has lost a few kg’s on a programme by SSKlinik. Dont be surprised if you dont recognize her as she has lost 6 kilograms within 4 weeks after going through SSKlinik’ssignature slimming treatment, SSSlim.

Dina Nadzir feeling like a new perosn
During the sharing session, Dina Nadzir was present to unveil her slimmer figure at SSSklinik in Damansara 3, in Petaling Jaya. Commenting on her weight loss, Dina said, “I feel like a new person after losing about six kilograms in about four weeks. Now, I can fit into my party dress again! Alhamdulillah. SSSlim has shown me that it is not just about eating healthy food, you must have it in the right portion as well.” 

Dina Nadzir sharing her slimming experience with SSKlinic
If you were not aware, Dina Nadzir was appointed as the SSKlinic ambassador in Malaysia last November in 2019, which also i believed Dina Nadzir has achieved in becoming a slimmer figure within just less than 3 months! During the sharing session, Dina Nadzir was shocked that she actually lost weight and feels good about her body despite the short duration. Another cute note she added during the sharing session was that she can now cross her lega when standing which she finds it to be a HUGE achievement. 

Maximum Results with Minimum Time

Consultation room
For your information, SSKlinic offers an extensive range of aesthetics and slimming treatments for those who are seeking to improve health-wellness and overall appearance. Their clinic is located in Klang Valley, and happens to be one of the leaders in the aesthetic and slimming industry which provides a whole-range of medical-focused skin and slim treatments that uses medical grade devices that meets everyone’s needs. Consider it as like your one stop beauty centre from skin to slimming needs and skip the multiple stops on getting the job done.

Slimming treatment equipments

Skincare treatment room and machineries
What impressed me the most during my visit at SSSklinic was that i found out that each treatment is carried out by a team not only by a therapists and beauticians, but also by highly skilled doctors too! All tretments offered here are developed by certified aesthetic doctors and are supported hybthe industrys leading technologies. Making a few stops at the treatment rooms, it does give you that minimal clinical feel that gurantees that hygiene is very well controlled as well. 


Some of the MediGlow Skincare Range
Unique sunblock in form of Jelly
And before i forget, SSKlinic also carries their own skincare range too! MediGlow skincare range is used exclusively at the SSKlinic which are proven safe dermatogivally and clinically. Founded in 2009 and formulated by certified doctors, the professional medical grade products has been formulated to be suitable for all skin types from all age groups. Even the best ingredients are uniquely sourced from reputable sources from Switzerland, France, Japan, Korea, US and Taiwan to ensure superior quality for the clients.


Current CNY Promotion
If you may be interested to enquire for treatments according to your budget, SSKlinic offers a pay as you wish option to be in line with everyone’s goal in renewing self-confidence for the new year.  Launching a new campaign where first-time customers are eligible to enjoy one-time first trial treatment worth up to RM 470** at any amount which one wishes to pay. Amazing right?! This promotion is exclusively for credit card holders only.

*Terms and conditions apply.
**Eligible for one single treatment.

For more information on SSKlinic services offered in Malaysia, please visit the website at Keep yourself updated on the latest updates on SSKlinic on Facebook ( and Instagram ( You can also follow Dina’s journey by searching through these hashtags #nakkurusnakcantik #dinasjourney


  1. Patutlah Dina nampak slim sikit. Cantik.

  2. Wah. Dina nadzir antara result yg menjadi perhatian sekarang. Lelaki nk amik treatment ni boleh ke

  3. SSklinik ni tempat nad baru dengr..dina lama tak tengok dekat tv, selalu dnegr suara dia je..wah dah kurus..bgusla..berkesan juga la dia buat rawatan dekats ini

  4. Tengok Dina perubahan Dina dulu dan skrg memang nampak perubahan dia. Jeles sis tau. Dia boleh kurus knp sis pun tak boleh kan..:) ok nanti nak ke.ssklinic jugaklah..nak try treatment yg dina buat tu

  5. Menarik ni first tine. Nanti blh rekomen pd kawan2

  6. tahniah dina! insyaALlah boleh turun berat lagi tu.

  7. Memamg nampaklah perbezaan body Dina ni dibandingkan mula mula awal kemunculannya dalam industri seni. Rupanya ini rahsianya ya.

  8. Ada baca tentang transformasi Dina ni hehehe tau dia ke klinik ni disamping dia sendiri eat clean..teruja lak tengok dia sekarang

  9. Cantik Dina. Dah nampak kurus.3 bulan je dah nampak results. Klinik dia cantik dan nampak selesa

  10. Omgee nampak ketara gila perubahan dina kan... Bestnya.. Nak gak loose weight mcm dinaaa

  11. best jugak kalau sekali sekala manjakan diri kat tempat macam ni. reward utk diri sendiri. makan makanan berkhasiat, exercise, pastu datang ssklinic

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