Monday, May 4, 2020

[REVIEW] Kundal | Macadamia Damaged Care Solution Ultra Serum

Reviewing Kundal Ultra Serum
Times can be rough when you cant head to the saloon just to give your hair some pampering, especially when they need it most. I have been facing some serious hair damage lately and it has been pretty dry despite me washing my hair with conditioner. Which in results, means that I need to zest my hair care regime to keep my hair at its best. The solution to that? A good hair oil might just do the trick! This time around, I decided to try a brand called Kundal, a haircare brand originated from Korea. We all know Korea is popular for their skincare, but this time around im exploring their haircare options. Want to find out more about it? Scroll away!
Packaging is pretty straight forward and i love how classy the bottle looks!
Starting off with the brand, the word Kundal is actually derived from the word 'Kunst' where in German means  'technology' and 'Kindal' in native Australian means 'Macadamia Tree'. Combine these two words together, you get Kundal that represents innovation from nature. We all know that the Macadamia fruit contains high nutrition and has very well moisturizing properties, and with Kundal's technology, they have managed to innovatively extract the nutrients to turn it into an exclusive hair serum.

Got mine in baby powder fragrance
This hair serum goes beyond your regular hair oil as its formulated with non-harmful ingredients, its full of natural nutrients, carries endless research and testing, uses high-grade ingredients, generous in quantity and is sold at an affordable price so that everyone can afford it. One of the factors that got me instantly hooked with the serum is that other than being functional, it smells amazing, and being a mother myself, I got myself the variant that smells like baby powder. And believe me, it really smells like baby powder.


Just like hair oil, but way lighter!
The main ingredient that makes this ultra serum moisturizing would be credited to 2 ingredients that is within the bottle, honey, and macadamia. With both these ingredients, it definitely guarantees high moisturizing benefits. Okay, if youre a regular user of hair oil, you would be aware that it's usually pretty oily and sticky after application, and if applied too much, it would make your hair look flat right? With Kundal, I was pretty surprised to find that it's not at all sticky and it feels very natural when applied on your hair. The texture has a good combination of oil and serum, but once applied to hair, it feels very lightweight! That left me impressed as the residue didn't even stick onto my hands.


The results are pretty instant too! Just look at the difference!
If you know me, you would be aware that I do a lot of sports, my hair is usually exposed to sunlight which eventually leads to leaving my hair looking dry most of the time. To use this serum, usually, I'll apply this after drying my hair from the shower, pumping an appropriate amount (depending on hair length) on my palms, and applying it onto my hair from the middle to the ends. Once applied, you can choose to style it with a hairdryer or leave it as it is. In my case, I decided to apply it on my dry hair and as you can refer to the images attached, it really does make a lot of difference! Other than smelling amazing, it really does keep the hair strands looking healthier than usual.


Been using this for a week now and i must say that they have definitely won my heart!
As a verdict, I would have to say that this hair ultra serum is very impressive. I don't usually share or talk about hair oils cause im never a fan, but after trying out Kundal's Macadamia Damaged Care Solution Ultra Serum, it has left me speechless! Who knew that there's such a thing as a hair serum to replace hair oils? After using it for a few days now, I would really recommend you consider this ultra serum if you're looking for a solution to repair damaged hair. You won't have to worry about your hair smelling oily too as this comes in a variety of fragrance that would leave your hair smelling fresh throughout the day. It is also affordable and most importantly it does what its supposed to do which makes it worth every penny spent! You can get this from Guardian stores and it retails at only RM28.00. For a product that works really well, it's definitely a good buy.


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