Friday, May 22, 2020

Ver5ion | Be the First to know about Health, Beauty and Fashion Trends in Malaysia

If you consider yourself a trend setter, and a person who enjoys keeping track of the latest trends, then Ver5ion has got you covered. Just recently, Ver5ion went live with thie digital site,, that offers Malaysians on all the latest news on health, beauty and fashion from all around the world.

Founded by Veronica Lee, Chief Executive officer, she shared that her team is very excited to share this site as they want Malaysians to be aware of the latest trends, while encouraging them to maintain external and internal image though this portal. The website offers seven sections, namely, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Blog, Ver5ionShop, Discovery and Brands for visitors to browse through. Ver5ion offers more that your usual portal as it offer a hybrid of driven self expression while indentifiying self choices.

Going though each section, the Fashion section offers segments covering trends, inpirational outfits, celebrity styles and fashion advices. With latest trends being offered within a few clicks on your digital devide, you will be ever ready to get the right advise before making a purchase for yourself.

The Beauty section focuses and provides information on Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Body and Nails, Fragrance and Beauty news that would keep you on track on the latest gossips on beauty. I also heard that by visiting this section, you can also get a quick update on some beauty hacks to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant as you grow older. Getting advise wouldnt hurt right?

In the Lifestyle section, the topics they offer covers Wine & Dine experiences, Fitness & Health, Entertainment, Travel & Interiors, Technology, Guide to Life and New bites so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. If you consider yourself a socialite, this section should be bookmarked as you can plan your outings with friends by impressing them on the coolest places and activities to do on an outing.

There is also a blog segment sharing a wide range of topics, sharing important information from external and internal sources from Ver5ion. There is also the Ver5ion Store to check out where they offer an e-commerce platform, which allows visitors of the site to purchase their favourite things without breaking your bank account. The Discovery section offers insights on deals, promotions and sales that would definitely save you some moolah.

Not to forget, they also have a section that covers on Brand that would allow you to discover a huge variety of brands and possibly diversify your views on various brands and topics. When it comes to Brands, i would usually seek for the core source on how it all started. I had a run through on this section and boy it has tons of good information on Brands to go for and brands that should be a miss.

Well, now you know that Ver5ion offers informative content while providing you life topics that would help you with your wardrobe choices during different seasons, games that would entertain you when you need it, 9 podcasts to listen while keeping your brain in check, and so much more! With Ver5ion being available now, this site acts as a great way to alert you with the outside world without the need of you to step out of the house.

In celebration of the launch of, Ver5ionShop will be offering a special discount of 20% when customers purchase a specific fashion brand. Subject to selected brands in all categories at Ver5ionShop, this promotion will run from May 15, 2020 until June 14, 2020, where customers can save money on buying blouses, shorts, skirts (skirts + shorts), pants, dresses, skirts and blazers. With people taking precautionary measures during these difficult times, Ver5ionShop will be sending orders to customers in the Klang Valley for now. Learn more about Ver5ion today at or checkout their social sites on FB or IG.


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