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Reviewing Thank You Farmers Deep Toner and Light Gel Cream
When it comes to Korean Skincare, I would have to admit that I know that you can't really go wrong when it comes to hydration. If youre a beauty enthusiast, you would know that Korea is well known to be the beauty supplying the industry for mass, and we all know that they are leading in providing quality beauty products at an affordable price gaining trust from all around the world. Without hesitation, I saw a review on THANK YOU FARMER from another blogger and got pretty convinced with what they have to offer. After my recent trip from Bali, my skin was a little dry, so I wanted to find something to hydrate my skin better, leading to you to a review on two products from THANK YOU FARMER which would be the True Water Deep Toner and the True Water Light Gel Cream.


The product usually comes in a box that looks like these
Each box is sealed to assure you that it's new
Before I get into details, let me give you a short introduction to where THANK YOU FARMER came about. Starting off with the name, it may sound a little funny at first glance since youre thank you to a farmer, but behind the meaning to that is actually the concept of thanking a farmer since they are one of the most honest people who follow the law of nature. From sweat and endeavors, they can get healthy grains and fruit from nature. That is deep poetry right there. So, behind THANK YOU FARMER, they make cosmetics with the heart of an honest farmer by providing skincare that can achieve healthy skin naturally without putting to much stress on the skin.

Oh not to forget that there are their lot number and expiry date too
The brand carries a few ranges for you to choose from, providing a solution for a variety of skin concerns that we may face. Just to give you an idea, they have skincare ranges such as Miracle Age, True Water Deep, True Water Light, Sun Project, Be Beautiful, Back to Iceland, Back to Pure and Relax, Star Mask and Country Man. I believe the beauty of the brand would be that their skincare can inter-exchange among the ranges, making it customizable skincare for you to solve your skin concerns. Isn't that great? Now, let's get into details of the products that I’ve gotten for myself. 


True Water Deep Toner
Since im having dry skin outside of my T-zone, this seemed like a good product for me to hydrate the skin. This range offers a calming moisturizing that provides deep moisturizing for dry skin. The range provides hydration, whitening, evens out the skin, and prevents premature aging with a special ingredient of Inositol and Hyaluronic Acid (My favorite ingredient in any skincare!).

Slightly thicker than your usual toners. (Combi liquid and gel texture)
Upon the first impression of the packaging, I would have to say that I love the minimalist look of it. The True Water Deep Toner comes in a glass bottle. I would think that all toners are pretty much the same, but when I tried this over my skin, its definitely beyond ordinary! Most toners may only have a function to minimize pores and they tend to usually be pretty drying for the skin, but the True Water Deep Toner is a game-changer as it not only minimizes pores but moisturizes too! The texture is slightly thicker than your usual toner, but it ends up to be well absorbed by the skin. 

Loving how lightweight it feels on the skin
I usually apply this after cleansing by applying the toner over my palms and lightly dab all over my face until its fully absorbed. I don't usually use my palms to apply toner, but when the product is good, we shall not let the cotton pads absorb all the good stuff! Hehe. I absolutely love the cool moisturized feeling it gives, and it works wonders around my dry skin area without stinging the skin. 


True Water Light Gel Cream
This range is formulated to be light and airy for oily or combination skin, which is perfect because I have intense oily T-zone + occasional acne around my face. Too much moisturizing ain't all that good, so with the True Water Light, this gives me just enough moisture even for my combination skin. The range offers a solution for pore and sebum concerns by providing just the right amount of moisture while controlling the sebum secretion over the skin. This has been made possible by two main ingredients which would be Inositol and Trehalose.

The tub comes with the seal to keep its content fresh at all times
Checkout the pastel shade! It's sooo pretty!
To combine with my toner, I decided to use the True Water Light Gel Cream which has a purpose to hold the moisture of the skin. Other than holding in moisture, it also soothes the skin from redness too! And again, you have to give credit to the design of the packaging. I love how it looks very minimalist and it nicely matches my toner despite it being from a different range.

The texture is light and translucent
The texture of this pretty much matches the name of the product, as it has a gel-like texture. Im a little particular when it comes to gel-cream textures, but this had a really good feel when applied to the skin. Other than it being very cooling when applied (great to minimize pores!), it’s also well absorbed by the skin too! It does feel a little sticky when freshly applied, but once the product sinks in, it has a mild layer of moisturizer to prevent the skin from losing moisture.

Easy to apply and feels amazingly light on the skin
I would usually apply this after applying toner, and essence. A side note, don't forget to use a spatula to kee the contents as hygienic as possible, instead of dipping your finger in which might contaminate the product. This gel-cream does a great job in locking in moisture and essence giving my skin optimum benefits of letting the products and nutrients sink in without it being naturally oxidized. Not to forget it also works pretty good as a primer too since I can just apply to makeup over my skin, and that would last me a good 8 hours throughout the day which I think is a fair amount of time. 


After 2 weeks of using this, my skin has definitely become smoother and brighter effortlessly
As an overall verdict, I would say that im pretty impressed with the two products that I’ve tested. Other than it being very aesthetic, it's also a quality product to pamper the skin. I’ve been diligently using this in my skincare routine for the past 2 weeks, and I would say that the results are rather convincing. Previously, I had flaky skin and oily T-zones, but after using this, it really moisturizes the skin and controls my oily secretion really well, giving me worry-free skin throughout the day.

THANK YOU FARMER products are also Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, Sulfate-Free,  made out of natural ingredients, safe for sensitive skin and has been dermatologically tested making it an extra bonus! In terms of pricing, it may be a little expensive than your drug store skincare, but judging by the quality of if, I would definitely say that it's worth every penny! After this finishes, I would say that I would repurchase it as it suits my skin well.


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