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[PARENTING REVIEW] Mamamia Diapers| Soft Magic Tape & Active Dry Pants

Reviewing Mamamia Diapers

Hi everyone! Being a mom, i think there are tons of challenges when it comes to having a good balance of saving money and getting necessities for the baby. Honestly, I think there are 2 things that takes up a lot of money on caring for a baby, one formula milk, two, diapers. Diapers are recommended to be changed every 4 hours to ensure that the baby does not experience rashes, and also to prevent the baby from feeling discomfort or from getting infections. Being very careful to ensure that my baby does not experience any of these uncomfortable situations, im very strict in diaper changing. But the down side of diaper changing is the price of a diaper. Because of this, i found Mamamia diapers being in the affordable category on diapers, so i decided to give their trial packs a go. 

Before i elaborate further on my thoughts on Mamaia Diapers, let me provide you with a little introduction on the brand. Mamamia Diapers are 100% made and from Indonesia that offers Diapers that are certified to be halal. So, to mom's out there, if youre unsure how halal relates to diapers, its actually the process of hygiene when preparing these diapers that follows a certain protocol to ensure that its prepared in accordance to the halal criteria. With that in mind, this also means that hygiene has been taken as a serious matter in manufacturing these diapers. Mamaia currently offers two types of diapers, namely the Mamamia Soft-Magic Tape and the Mamamia Active Dry Pants.

Mamamia Soft-Magic Tape

Mamamia Soft Magic Tape

Very soft and natural with no colouring

Starting off with the Mamamia Soft-Magic Tape, this diaper is in a form of the standard typical diapers that come with side tapes, but instead of the old school kinds, these offer soft magic tape. These soft magic tapes actually offer a softer feel, so that when the baby is wearing the diapers, they won't feel the solid hard tapes but instead can move freely without worry. This type of diaper can be introduced ranging from newborns to toddlers above 13kg making it the most versatile option if you're a mom who loves tape typed diapers.

Faster Absorbing & Chlorine Free + Breathable Layer

Its cute that they had instructions too for first time parents

Easy opening fro diaper access

On the packaging, it also emphasizes that its designed to be faster absorbing and chlorine-free which really caught my attention when purchasing. Using Chlorine-free pulp, this would reduce the odds of baby experiencing any rashes or allergy reactions to ease any parent's mind. I tested the diaper and I must say that it absorbs pretty fast and the diaper feels dry despite it being a wet diaper. Moreover, it also offers a breathable layer so that there is circulation to provide the baby with comfort. Upon giving a feel on the diapers, i would say that it does provide a soft cotton feel which feels very light and comfortable as a diaper. 

Magic Tape that is not sharp so baby would always be comfortable

Cotton touch padding

Snug fit on my 10kg baby.

I tested this out on Mikayla, and i would say that it does the job in keeping my baby dry and comfortable. In terms of lasting, I wouldn't suggest you to wear this over 6 hours as it feels a little heavy once it goes beyond the 6-hour gap from the next diaper change. I wouldn't entirely recommend using this if youre planning to sleep throughout the night without changing your baby's diaper, but it's great for day use with constant diaper changes (minimum of 3 times) to keep your baby feeling fresh throughout the day.

Mamamia Active Dry Pants

Mamamia Active Dry Pants

Each diaper has different pictures to indicate front side

The other variant that Mamamia offers would be the Mamamia Active Dry Pants. This variant would be more suitable for active babies, but i think its unique that they also offer small sizes for the pant type diapers. Not many brand carry smaller sizes for diaper type, but surprisingly if youre looking for quick changes without constantly adjusting the tape to fit the baby, then you can always consider the Mamamia Active Dry Pants. They offer size S up to XXL which can be used for bigger toddlers up to 25kg who has not been potty trained making it a great alternative to diaper wear till they learn how to go to the toilet on their own.

Chlorine Free diapers Guranteed

Designed to always keep baby dry with an ergonomic design

Other features of the diaper

The packaging highlights that it has been designed to be ergonomic and its manufactured to be extra dry with a magic layer. Designed with a new and improved cotton-like layer, its made out of 100% chlorine free pulp which helps to keep your baby feeling comfortable, active and constantly safe from rashes. I think its cute that these diapers has printed cartoons to indicate that its the front side for easy quick identification.

Soft stretch that would not harm baby

Double layering to prevent leakage

Mikayla approves! 

I used this for Mikayla, and personally, i find that its really time saving when changing her diaper cause all you need to do is to pull it up like pants. I really like bringing this type of diaper out for quick changes, and I would really recommend you to change this diaper after every 4-5 hours as if it gets too full, it may not provide the best comfort for your baby. Not advisable for long wear, but its a great diaper to keep your baby feeling fresh while being active. 


As a verdict, i would have to say that these diapers are pretty good and really affordable. For the trial pack that i use, offers 20 pieces, are only priced at less than RM15 per pack. I actually like the idea that they offer trial packs as its a great way to travel light while keeping the diapers fresh when youre travelling and on the go. They also offer bigger Jumbo packs that cost less than RM30, so i would have to say that the price range is really one of the cheapest in store if youre looking for savings. Its a decent diaper for daily use, with 4-5 hour gap of diaper changes. If youre looking to try out these diapers for yourself, you can always head on over to their shopee acount which i will add in the link below. I hope you found this post useful and do leave me a comment if you may have any enquiries. 


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