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[REVIEW] Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra | Breastfeeding Journey

Reviewing the Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra

Being a breastfeeding mom for almost a year now, I finally realize why some people find it hard to breastfeed. It takes up so much of your time, energy and it drains you in unimaginable ways. According to experts, it's recommended to breastfeed for a minimum of 2 years to ensure that the baby gets the right amount of nutrients until their own antibodies are strong enough. Since I managed to survive throughout a year, let me share with you some tips on how to make your breastfeeding journey more pleasant. 

Official Mamaway Nursing Bra

Loving the fact that its also designed to be Antibacterial

Honestly, you nay have figure what I'll be sharing with you about today in this post since the title of the post was already a total giveaway. Haha. But yes, I believe that one of the biggest factors in ensuring that you successfully survive your breastfeeding journey would be to invest in a good nursing bra. Are nursing bra's necessary? I would say YES, especially when you're a breastfeeding mom! I've been using the Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra for about a month now and im regretting that I didn't get it sooner. Here are some reasons why I think this nursing bra is a must-have:


Really soft and comfortable material

I think most breastfeeding moms would relate to this when they are breastfeeding. I would have to say that leaks can be the most annoying thing in the world cause nobody likes to see nor smell like milk when they're out and active. But also, these leaks are one of the most beautiful ways to show that the mother is thinking about the baby, and it works as a great reminder that the baby needs to feed. With the Mamaway nursing bra, instead of having soft removable pads to prevent these leaks, the pads are sewn in the bra which makes it a perfect fit without you needing to worry that the pads would be out of place. That's one worry out of the list if youre an active mom like me. 


Breathable and expandable according to body changes

I believe that material plays a huge role in providing comfort. So my first impression when I got a hold onto this nursing bra was that its extremely lightweight, soft, and breathable. By breathable, I mean when you get a hold of this nursing bra, you will notice that there are perforated bra cups to help circulate air while keeping you feeling cool. The material is also stretchable making it really comfortable for times when we feel 'engorged' too. Since it's made out of cooling mesh, I would like to emphasize that it absorbs and dries out sweat pretty efficiently too. Gotta love the cool dry comfort when youre carrying a 10kg baby around the house when they are in demand to be carried. 


Easy clip on to for quick feedings

Its also called Nursing Bra's for a reason. Since we need to feed pretty constant, having a bra that can unclip easily pretty much helps with a smooth transaction to feeding. This is a crucial factor to breastfeeding as I find that the easier it is to feed, the fewer complaints a mother would have when we need to breastfeed. With the right nursing bra, I find that breastfeeding can be more enjoyable rather than a burden. 

Usually, nursing bra's are mostly unflattering, but after using multiples types, I noticed that there is a difference when it comes to quality nursing bra's. Other than accommodating the different sizes of the breast during pregnancy and after delivery, good nursing bra's would also consider lift and gather, especially at the sides of the bust. Not many nursing bra's that I know offers this feature, and I must say that it does shape the bust-line nicely.


And I think this feature just sums it all as if youre directly feeding your baby, using antibacterial material is necessary to prevent the baby from being exposed from unwanted bacteria. After all, a happy baby equals a happy mommy. Its suitable for both direct feeding and for pumping moms as bacteria would be one worry out of the list when ensuring that baby gets enough nutrients from breastfeeding. With permanent antimicrobial properties, the material also helps to maintain a natural balance on the skin. 


As a verdict, I would have to say that the Mamaway Ultra Light Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra is a great addition to your undergarment collection, while also giving mom's a smooth breastfeeding journey. It usually retails at RM280, but if you head on over to Mamaway's online retail platform, you may notice that this is currently going on sale for only RM179.90! That's RM100 worth of savings! The price may be a little high, but if youre talking about quality, I would say that this is long-lasting and again, I would emphasize that comfort is everything and guaranteed with this bra. Size ranges from S to XXL, and they come in either Purple, Navy, or Orange. Since im a girly girl at heart, I went for the lovely pinkish purple color. Well, I guess, all in all, I would conclude that this bra is a must-have to follow you through your pregnancy to breastfeeding journey. Hope you found this post worthwhile, and do check out their social sites to see other products they have to offer in the links below. 

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