Friday, March 12, 2021

Kickstart the day with Inside Scoop’s Breakfast Set


Inside Scoop has launched it’s ultimate Breakfast Set, featuring 4 new flavours that will have you crawling out of bed in the morning without so much as a snooze. 


Inspired by Malaysian breakfast, the local ice cream company emulates flavours from our favourites - from the kopitiam near our home that serves kaya toast along with a nice hot cup of Milo or coffee, to the simplicity of a bowl of granola upgraded with rich, creamy ice cream.


The Yoghurt with Granola by Amazin' Graze has your health consciousness covered. Topped with crunchy granola goodness, this yogurt ice cream will definitely be able to pull you out of bed and help you kickstart the day.


For those reminiscing about weekend kopitiam breakfast mornings, Inside Scoop’s Kaya Toast that consists of burnt butter ice cream swirled with housemade pandan kaya sauce is sure to satisfy your nostalgia. It is even topped with toast crumbs, much like the real thing!


If you are a coffee person, the Coffee Almond Fudge brings you the delight of cold brew coffee ice cream swirled with honey roasted almonds and chocolate fudge. It is literally having a Frappe in the form of creamy ice cream!


Milo lovers, you are not left out. Try a pint of the new Malted Chocolate flavour made with (duh!) Milo, added with  chocolate coated Nestum to pacify your sweet tooth. How’s that for an alternative to milo ais?   


Try out all four new flavours - Malted Chocolate, Kaya Toast, Coffee Almond Fudge and Yoghurt with Granola by Amazin' Graze -  at any Inside Scoop outlets while stocks last. Or, why not try the Breakfast Set Party Pack featuring all four to keep you set for the entire week?


Not only that, from now till 30 April, save up to 50% when you make your purchase with ShopeePay at any Inside Scoop store. Each ShopeePay user gets to enjoy a cashback of RM4 with a minimum spend of RM8, two times throughout the campaign period. Terms and conditions apply.

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