Thursday, May 6, 2021

Lulu Hypermarkets Raya Promotion | Mega Raya Sale

Where do I start when Raya is just around the corner? Despite the covid spike, lets all stay safe but still enjoy the benefits of having good festive food and outfits by shopping at Lulu's Mega Raya Sale. This time around, i just visited Lulu Hypermarket, and i must say that the promotion is unbeatable! Literally, rugi tau if you guys don't check it out. FYI, Lulu Hypermarket has 3 outlets, where on is in Kuala Lumpur, one in Shamelin and the newest addition being the one in Setia City One. 

Now, going into detail on the offers that are happening at Lulu Hypermarket, rest assured the promotions are all the same throughout all 3 stores, and there will also be big discount cuts up to 70% on Electronics, Electrical Goods, Groceries, House Appliances and even other gifts that would be perfect for your family and friends in conjunction to Raya. If you are familiar with Lulu's previous sales, you would know that they go pretty low to offer the best deals yet! 

What really caught my attention was the Fashion section where i was hunting for good deals on clothes and attire that would be suitable for Raya. I was impressed with the prices offered as it was affordable and the quality was pretty good too. There's a collection of adult and children attire in which I found exciting when I found a pair of twinning outfits with my daughter. Cuteness overload! So, if youre looking for attire this coming Raya, Lulu Hypermarket will offer something that would get you to buy without spending too much chunk of money. 

Psst, from the 6th-9th May would be the hot dates to get your Raya outfits as there will be a 40% off rebate on Fashion, Shoes, Handbags, Sari's, Churidar's and more. There are a variety of brands being offered, and just in time for Raya, they have tons of colours to choose from that also offers the latest trends. You will have a hard time browsing through as there's just so many to choose from. Even better, they'll also have this 40% rebate exclusive for these 4 days only. So act fast!

And not to forget the ever-popular grocery store, in conjunction to Raya, Lulu Hypermarket is offering the Mega Raya Sale where there will be big discounts for you to get your Raya shopping done. To make things even more convenient, there will also be hamper gift sets that will be on sale which are ready stock, but if you prefer to custom your hamper, thats also provided by Lulu Hypermarket. 

Now, are you planning a small gathering at your home this coming Raya? Well, don't worry about all the money that you'll be spending as Lulu Hypermarket has everything that you'll need when it comes to both wet and dry ingredients. There's chicken, beef, lamb, and more at the best price in the market. Or, if youre looking for a faster solution in preparing your meals, why not consider getting their cooked Beriani Bucket which is already prepared to save you time from cooking at home? 

As for me, since its still the fasting season, i actually took this opportunity to checkout their ready to eat section where Lulu Hypermarket offers tons of food featuring traditional Malay dishes, Arabian dishes and even Indian dishes too! Everything looks really good, and i have to admit that it really saves me so much time especially when i get to get my groceries done, and not worry about preparing dinner after a long day of shopping.

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to plan your week to not miss out on these exclusive deals, only at Lulu Hypermarket. Trust me, you'll be shocked with the prices that they have to offer, and other than the price being the highlight, the freshness of their ingredients are something i admire the most. Other than the presentation being well presented, i have no worries on the freshness of the ingredients that I'll be purchasing from Lulu Hypermarket. 

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