Thursday, October 28, 2021

Marrybrown Brings Yam-my flavours of Thailand to Malaysia!

Hi guys! Being a fan of spicy cuisine's, im excited to share with you a 'yam-my' dish that you would definitely want to get your hands on. Marrybrown is happy to take you around the world with flavours from different countries, and this time around, they've just recently release a new mouth-watering flavour that features a spicy, sour and yam-my menu, Marrybrown Tom Yam Chicken. YUMS! While waiting for the internation borders to be open to visitors, Marrybrown is already to tease you with a little adventure that would give your mouth a taste of Thailand. 

Throughout 40 years of establishment, Marrybrown has been on a mission to offer 'something different' to their customers, and in conjunction to their 40th Anniversary, the largest homegorwn Halal fast-food chain has been taking their customers around the world, starting with Korean and Italy earlier in the year, and now, taking you to another popular country, Thailand as the third destination. This October is definitely exciting, as you can expect a scrumptious trip to Thailand with Tom Yam meals that would not disappoint.

I managed to get my hands on their latest menu, and i must say that it's REALLY sour and spicy. Any Tom Yum lover would definitely enjoy this unique combination of tom yum with Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken. Some of the items to look out for in the menu would be Tom Yam Chicken, the Tom Yam Burger, Tom Yam porridge, Tom Yam Nuggets and Tom Yam Fries. It's definitely a Tom Yam seasonal fiesta, so let me get into details on what you can expect. 

Tom Yam Big Box

If you'd like to try everything that the seasonal menu has to offer, i would highly recommend you to get yourself the Tom Yam Big Box which consist of 1 piece of Tom Yam Marrybrown crispy chicken,  6 pieces of Tom Yam Nuggets, Tom Yam Chicken Burger, Tom Yam Fries and a cup of Nestle Pink Lemonande. Yums! Trust me when i say that this would definitely give you the full on Marrybrown Tom Yum Experience. Great for sharing light bites, or just have it all to yourself. The price for this big box would be priced at RM25.80.

Tom Yam Chicken Bucket (5pcs) 

Ultimately, if you enjoy Tom Yum and Marrybrown's Crispy Chicken, you can always get yourself a whole bucket of chicken while you catch up with friends, or simply to 'tapau' back home to watch netflix which you enjoy some delicious Tom Yum Fried Chicken. For a la carte, you can choose to order Tom Yam Chicken 2 pieces from RM12.70, Tom Yam Chicken 5 pieces from RM31.50 and Tom Yam Chicken 9 pieces from RM55.80. 

Tom Yam Chicken Burger

The single price of this Tom Yam Chicken Burger is priced from RM7.90, whereas if youre looking to get yourself the combo, it would be priced form RM14.90. Honestly, i have to admit that i enjoyed this Tom Yam Chicken Burger. It's really different to enjoy Tom Yam in a form of a burger, but the sensation of every bite where the burger had that tangy sour and spicy flavour with hints of mayo, it just hits the right spot when it comes to my typical Malaysian tastebud. MUST TRY! 

Tom Yam Porridge

The Tom Yam Porridge is also pretty good if youre looking for something easy to swallow. The porridge basically consist of their signature porridge recipe, but with hints of chicken bits coated with Tom Yam flavour. It's pretty unique to have spicy and sour flavours in porridge, but i truly enjoyed this till the last bite. You can get it via ala-carte from RM7.80 or make it a combo from RM16.50. 

Tom Yum Nuggets & French Fries

The Tom Yum Nuggets is a nice light bite to munch on when youre on-the-go. You can get the 6pcs from RM9.50 or get yourself the 12pcs from RM17.00. Where as for the fries, you can upgrade any combo you order from Marrybrown for only RM1, or get it as an add on for RM5. Personally, i would say its best you get the Big Box combo which includes the Tom Yum Nuggets and the Tom Yum Fries together. Might as well get the whole bundle of Tom Yum goodness, cause really, why hesitate? hehe.

All in all, i would have to say i really enjoyed this seasons menu. Even my husband enjoyed the spicy kick the Tom Yum flavour had. Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for the perfect dining experience. Just writing about it makes me want to order it again. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Marrybrown before the season ends! Menu is available from 28th October onwards. For more information on Marrybrown, it’s Around the World meals, promotions and delivery services, please visit:

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