Friday, October 8, 2021

Tic Tac Malaysia X Mobile Legends | Refresh, Recharge and Celebrate

Staying true to its fun and creative spirit, Tic Tac is partnering with one of the most popular mobile games in Malaysia – Mobile Legends. With the evolution of Malaysians’ entertainment habits, gaming is a great forum for young adults to have little escapes from a busy day and form a sense of community. Given Tic Tac’s role in offering little escapes of its own and bringing people together with its iconic sharing packs, Mobile Legends is an ideal partner for the brand.

Tic Tac Malaysia is launching the ‘Refresh and Recharge’ campaign to inspire gamers to refresh and celebrate 'little wins' in the game, thus escaping online negativity and reconnecting with their gentle side.

Today, a virtual Refresh & Recharge (R&R) Night was streamed live on Tic Tac Malaysia's Facebook page, with two of Malaysia's top Mobile Legends players, Thanuk Pri Cha (Nukk) and Syafiq Faizin (Zynn), as well as lifestyle influencer Muhammad Syah Fitri, (Syahfit). The trio exchanged exclusive Mobile Legends tips and tricks, as well as spent time viewing and commenting on Zynn's hilarious Mobile Legends game session collection.

The one-hour event also included a Tic Tac Legend friendly match between the three. They had to use chopsticks to restore the Tic Tac candies to their container in the first game, 'Marksman Supreme.' They also had to build the tallest Tic Tac towers out of empty containers in the 'Support Tower' game - in both sessions where they celebrated their 'little wins' with Tic Tac.

As part of the ‘Refresh and Recharge’ campaign, Malaysians stand a chance to win over 1,500 Mobile Legends assets like Diamonds (50 to 1,000 Diamonds), Skins and Heroes every week. All they have to do is purchase a Tic Tac in any flavour (Mint, Orange, Spearmint, and Strawberry) and upload the purchase receipt at to be eligible.

Tic Tac will also be awarding 40 grand prizes every week, including Limited Edition and Special Skins, Heroes, and 1,000 Diamonds. To qualify for this Bonus giveaway, use the hashtag #TicTacRecharge and share a public post on your Facebook/ Instagram describing why you love Tic Tac. After you've done the steps outlined above, simply upload a screenshot of your post and you will be a part of the weekly Bonus contest!

Refresh & Recharge with Tic Tac campaign is running from 4th October to 28 November 2021.

More information about the campaign and promotion may be found at the links below:

Tic Tac Malaysia

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