Thursday, October 7, 2021

Gain Shoppers Confidence with Kaijoo | Validates Authentic Sellers to Trust

E-commerce online businesses started blooming in Malaysia in early 2004, and it has grown rapidly ever since. And recently, with the pandemic changing the way business works, the online business growth has gained more than an average of 50 million website visits monthly, and as we speak, it's still increasing more and more. With this growth, result has put Malaysia as one of the largest e-commerce players in Southeast Asia! 

Getting into numbers, according to the market overview for the year 2020, Malayia's e-Commerce market is currently worth US $4.3billion, (~RM18 billion) and according to experts, it is believed that the value will double to US $8.1billion (~RM34.1 billion) by the year 2024, whereas the estimate for 2021 is projected to be at US $6.2billion by the end of the year. A little fun fact, the recent research claims that Malaysia's current online basket size has grown by 24% comparing 2019 vs 2020, which there's no doubt that consumers have opted for an online solution when getting their groceries, daily necessities, and personal items off their checklist. 

With that being said, have you ever encountered bad experiences with your online purchases? With the numbers of online shoppers increasing, cyber-crime is also on the rise according to police authority, totalling up to 23,011 cases of e-commerce scams that have been reported between 2017 till mid-year 2021. A recent case in April 2020, it has been reported a total of 556 cases of face mask scams which is equivalent loss of RM4.2 million. 

KAIJOO | Building trust among customers online

Now, the real question would be 'Is there a way to prevent being scammed?' YES! This is where Kaijoo plays an important role in today's era, offering a solution to prevent these cyber-crime's from happening. Kaijoo is an independent user review & sellers audit platform, built with a sole purpose to secure the e-commerce environment, prevent fraud through fraud detection, access to finance and technology with the mission to ensure that Malaysia offers a safe online environment.

Through its independent review platform, authentic users can contribute reviews on sellers, products, and services that are available online across a variety of most popular e-commerce marketplaces. Vice Versa, concerned shoppers can also browse through the store details which Kaijoo offers a calculator Kaijoo score based on their internal algorithms and user reviews. The ranking system is open and border-less as the data available is coming from universal resources giving consumers access to verify their shopping choice before checking out their cart. 

Kaijoo also is an independent platform that performs auditing on online sellers to ensure that they are genuine and reliable. The verification process goes through a background check which filters through the company's registration and owners while also checking on the products and corresponding SKU verifications as well. Each store verified by Kaijoo will have a verified by Kaijoo icon next to the store name. This would open up the opportunity for both sellers and customers by gaining trust while boosting their online sales with confidence. 

Kaijoo provides digital certifications for each store in the from of URL on Kaijoo site, and all the stores URL will have uniquely generated links and acts as a digital certificate for online sellers. Sellers who are interested may register their interest at Kaijoo's Seller Sign Up Page and the team will reach out to you.

Kaijoo X Youbeli Collaboration

Kaijoo is currently collaborating with Youbeli to certify all their online sellers as level 1 (Seller Trust) Kaijoo Certified. And since its an on-going collaboration, you may also opt to refer to the list of all certified sellers that would be available here at For starters, below would be my top 10 recommended sellers that i have personally listed for you to check out. 

1 | Max App Marketing

Max App Marketing is a seller that specialized in selling various product ranging from Electrical and Electronic appliances, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, and many more! Since the products are all ready-stock and available in warehouse, all purchases made will be shipped on the next day.

Nuttyland Nut Butter sells variety of nut butter spread ranging from creamy to crunchy with sugar & salt free and there is an option for crumble peanut butter or almond flavor. All the products are made from 100% natural artisanal peanut or almond butter. 

Their mission is to create a healthy nut butter than will become everyone's favorite peanut butter which you can enjoy and eat it with guilt-free. The hardwork and perseverance sealed in every jar of Nuttyland Nut Butter is a guaranteed of quality by them.

3 | Uniq Official Store

Uniq Official Store is known for its series of functional stylish gadget accessories and travel essentials to integrate exquisitely with our lifestyle. At Uniq, they explore materials and textures that work in unison for a refreshing contemporary take on your gear with a little ingenuity, inspiration and meticulous attention to details to create intuitively designed masterpiece.

4 | WeCommence Beauty

WeCommerce Beauty is a public listed company from China that supplies and manufacturing beauty products. There are more than 400 products available on this seller platform and their ultimate mission is to keep your skin hydrated.

5 | SkinArma Official Store

SkinArma Official Store is a store that "For The Bold At Heart" and unafraid to stand out in a crowd. The products at SkinArma are inspired by the vibrant spirit of Tokyo youth and the unmistakable aesthetic of Japanese street fashion but make with own's boldness. It will be featuring a range of designs from subtle to striking, and they believe you should embrace your unique individuality by reflecting it in the things you carry.

6 | Barista Coffee Official Store

Barista Coffee Official Store is owned by Barista Coffee Sdn Bhd that is currently celebrating their 21 years of experiences in the trade. They are mad about coffee and the Team Barista Coffee strives to serve the hospitality industry with complete solutions. Besides coffees and teas, Barista Coffee Official Store also sells Convenience Food like Pes Tempoyak, Sambal Hitam Belimbing Bilis Pahang, etc.

7 | Mr. Spicy BP 鄭宗麻辣酱

Mr. Spicy BP 鄭宗麻辣酱 is specialized in making the mala chili powder that going to spice up your taste buds. All the products are self-produced and made from the natural ingredients.

8 | BffStore

BFF Store is a online store for golf accessories that suitable for those who started to play golf as a hobby. All the products displayed are ready-stock that available at Kuala Lumpur.

9 | One Condoms Official Store

One Condoms Official Store is an online seller of high-quality pleasure products with the specialty of making safer sex products as part of their mission and well known for their technologically advanced condoms that is cheeky and comes with artistic round wrappers.
Other than condoms, you can find personal lubricants in their official store too!

10 | Cabani Enterprise

Cabani Enterprise is a multi-products online seller that sells affordable products ranging from Electronics & Electrical Appliances, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Fashion and many more. As all the products are ready-stock, the products will be shipped out the next day after purchases are made.

There are more online official stores that are available on the platform, so be sure to browse through for the sake of your safety if you're looking to prevent any cyber scams. Check out now to look for your favorite online stores today! Cabani Enterprise

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