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Sunfeet No.1 Orthotics Expert in Asia since 1978 Relocated to Wisma Daju

The exterior or Sunfeet's new location

Just like cars, did you know that our foot needs to be checked too? When it comes to foot alignment, i would have to say that i trust Sunfeet the most with Dr Edmund Lee being very experienced in this field. When talking about foot in general, i think we are usually lacked of knowledge when it comes to options. Usually when you have foot pains, going to the doctor or surgeon would be the first thing that comes into mind, but little that you know that you can also consider an Orthotics Expert to help you solve your problems.

Some write up features on Dr Edmund Lee

The basic fee's for consultation

When it comes flat foot, usually you would mostlikely be prescribed with pain killers or going under surgery to get the problem solved, but when meeting an Orthotics like Dr. Edmind Lee, this option doesn't require any prescriptions nor surgery as they can evaluate, consult and provide solutions that would be customized and catered to your feet. After all, when it comes to feet, each and every foot is unique in its own way. 

Get your feet alignment checked

Talking about the Orthotics Centre, Sunfeet is based in PJ but now has relocated to a new location in Wisma Daju. In a quiet, private corner, the center provides custom food orthotics services, footwear, gait analysis, and personalized advice by Real certified orthotic experts. To celebrate the relocation, you can get a food alignment check for Free (worth RM250) when you visit the center. Without hesitation, i managed to make my way there to get my food alignment checked and gotta say that Dr Edmund Lee is really friendly and patient when it comes to explaining my concerns when it comes to foot health. 

With Dato Dr Edmund Lee

Did you know that occasionally, back pains can be caused by either the wrong foot wear or possibly that you have never got your foot check to realize later on that you have flat foot? Thats where Sunfeet comes in to provide a solution for anyone with foot concerns, especially when it comes to flat feet, heel spur, high arch feet, intoeing gait, plantar fasciitis, patient OA knee, and morton neuroma. Having a child myself, i guess i wanted to be sure that i know my facts when it comes the alignment. Did you know that body alignment can be off when you feet alignment is not where it should be? 

Some equipment to check body alignment

Dato Dr Edmund Lee explaining on the types of flat feet

Sad enough that Malaysian are not aware that there is a solution to solve this other than just accepting the fact to live with the pain. With Dr Edmund Lee, he can assist by offering 3D Custom Orthotics which is design to place the feet in the ideal position to support all four alignments of the feet to promote even body weight distribution. Offering over 3000 styles, flexibilities and sizes, it allows customers to have a variety of options to ensure that it provides overall comfort. 

Getting feet alignment checked through a scanner

Customized options available to cater to your feet

Dr Edmund Lee Orthotics offers individually designed orthotics for your feet, to ensure that it achieves a balance foundation and stabilize the pelvis. The customs are handmade for unique feet based on 3D scans and cast which Dr Edmund Lee will follow very closely when it comes to correcting the position structure of the foot. With the right balance and alignment of your feet, it can increase sports performance, reduce injuries, improve posture, provide comfort, eliminates back pain and improve balance. 

Just a mandatory photo at my first visit at their newest location

A portion of the shoe collection that is 20%-30% off in conjunction to the Back To School Season

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out the center and get your foot alignment check for FREE when you visit their new location at Wisma Daju. While you're there, I was also told that their shoes are also on sale in conjunction with the back-to-school season. With 20%-30% off on Orthotics approved shoes, this is a sale not to be missed if you're looking for shoes that would be suited for kids going back to school, or simply something for work as well as they offer a variety of shoe types to suit different purposes and occasions. For more details, do check out their official social media in the link below :)

Sunfeet Malaysia

Address: G1-4, WISMA DAJU 5, 
21, Jalan Barat, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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