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Al-Hamra Integrated School (AHIS) offers an Integrated Holistic Education System

To a fresh start for the coming year in 2022, Al -Hamra Integrated School has introduced the concept of holistic integration in their education system (Integrated Holistic Education System - IHES). The learning system in a holistic integration is an educational process that integrates all aspects and values in learning such as moral, religious, psychological, philosophical, and social values that will be practiced and carried out comprehensively into the souls of children, making it one of the complete ways to expose them into different concepts of life.

This approach aims to create a teaching environment that can stimulate children to have the ability of basic skills, understanding, relationships, which also includes different academic disciplines. Indirectly this approach allows children to think, synthesize and respond to what is being taught. Since the education system is in IHES, it does not limit to focusing on examination-based learning alone but also cares about sharing comprehensive output-based learning. Especially when it comes to producing a generation that is literate in the Al-Quran, not only they would be able to read and memorize but at the same time able to understand what is explained in the book of the Al-Quran.

The determination of classes at Al-Hamra Integrated School depends on the ability of students through assessments conducted by the school. This means that the education standards of a 7-year-old may possibly jump into the class of an 8-year-old. The assessment will be based on a set by Cambridge (Cambridge Assessment International Education). Al-Hamra also offers IGCSE and SPM exams for their students (depending on the wants and needs of the students themselves), which provides a complete solution to educational options.

At Al-Hamra, the classes begin at 8 a.m. and end at 4 p.m daily throughout 5 days of attendance in a week. For Al-Hamra Integrated School, offers two types of classes to choose from, either physical (attending school) or online. In conjunction to control the exposure of Covid, every week students and staff of Al-Hamra Integrated School are required to do a Covid screening test to ensure everything is free from the virus from spreading to ensure that the environment is safe for students to learn and for teachers to teach.

Conducive Classroom Atmosphere with Great Facilities

When children are able to learn in a very comfortable environment, they can certainly focus and be happy to understand what the teacher is sharing. It's even better when there is the availability of various best facilities and learning aids that would facilitate the learning process of a child.

On each floor of the school building, there is a bathroom, shoe racks, and lockers (student storage) for convenience. I actually love this feature offered by the school as I remember the classic days of carrying REALLY heavy books around and that can be very pressuring over the shoulders of a growing child. There is also a computer room, library, laboratory and surau for the use of learning for teachers and students as well. 

Levels of Learning at Al-Hamra Integrated School

The school offers 3 levels of classes at Al-Hamra Integrated School, namely Early education/pre-school (early years), Primary School, and Secondary School. To adapt to the covid situation, all food during their breaks will be delivered to their respective classes (during mealtime). This is to avoid too much movement of students and also sitting in large groups.

Sunnah Oriented Co-Curriculum

At Al-Hamra Integrated School, 3 types of co-curricular activities are offered, namely swimming (year 1-year 3) and each student is required to participate in martial arts. Apart from that, there are also archery and horse riding activities. I have to admit that i love that these skills are required according to the Sunnah. For children to be exposed to these Sunnah co-curricular activities, this would benefit a child without parents worrying about looking for a seperate school that would provide these activities for self-benefit.

STEAM-Based Supplementary Co-Curriculum

Other than that, Al-Hamra also offers cooking classes, robotics, coding learning, and so much more.

Enrollment At Al-Hamra Integrated School

Student registration is now open, and parents may register at any time of the year. However, officially there are 2 main registrations for more formalities in July and December. To have the opportunity to send a child to receive an education at Al-Hamra Integrated School is a long-term investment that is very definitely worthwhile. Not only will they be well educated, but it would help, and shape their personalities with worldwide education. Preparing children to be a generation ready to be leaders and caliphs on earth.

For the 2022 school session, a discount for siblings of up to 100% for tuition fees will be given. The fees at Al-Hamra are currently competitive compared to international institutions, with a budget between RM900 to RM1900 a month according to their level of the syllabus. 

For inquiries and registration:
Al-Hamra Integrated SchoolEncorp Strand Garden Office
Block A, A-GF, No. 12,
Jalan PJU 5/1,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +603-2630 8010

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