Sunday, December 19, 2021

Shopee rounds off 12.12 Birthday Sale

In Malaysia, top sellers selling home and living products collectively recorded over 

RM4.8 million in sales in a single day on 12 December


Shopee concluded the region’s most joyful year-end celebration, 12.12 Birthday Sale, with visits surging 6 times on 12 December compared to an average day. Shopee users also soaked up the holiday spirit and enjoyed the best deals and rewards, with over 850 million Shopee vouchers claimed on 12.12 across the region. 


This translated to a timely lift for sellers and brands on the platform, as orders on Shopee Mall surged by 14 times compared to an average day, and 1 in 8 users are first-time Mall shoppers. At the same time, more people were able to support local businesses with Shopee, with 9 in 10 users shopping from local sellers on 12 December. 


Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee said, “We are heartened to be closing the year on a positive note with a successful 12.12 Birthday Sale, the finale of Shopee’s year-end shopping festivals. We are glad to be able to spread joy to all our users by bringing shoppers the best deals whilst boosting visibility of more businesses.” 


“2021 has been a year of accelerated digitalisation. We see this through the increase of online-first customers, as well as the number of new sellers to our platform this year. As we move into 2022, we look forward to continuing connecting even more shoppers, businesses, and the wider communities so they can enjoy the benefits of e-commerce.”


12.12 Birthday Sale highlights in Malaysia


Catered to all shopping needs in the holiday season: Closer to home, Malaysians were taking the opportunity to hunt for the best gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Popular products include:

            Home appliances were snapped up during the 12AM-2AM Midnight Madness where users enjoyed 12.12 Only Deals, 95% Off 12.12 Only Vouchers and ShopeePay Vouchers with 100% Cashback. For example, over 3,000 orders were made for robot vacuum cleaners in 2 hours.

            Parents took the chance to prepare their children for the new school term, as stationeries such as pencils, pencil cases, sharpeners and more were in high demand. On 12 December, close to 870,000 units of stationery products were bought.

            Similarly, pet owners took the opportunity to pamper their furkids during the year-end shopping festival, buying up more than half a million products including pet food and treats for their pets to enjoy the year-end festive period together.


At the same time, customers from Sabah and Sarawak took advantage of the 12.12 Birthday Sale celebrations to shop for items, as each state recorded a 5 times uplift in orders on 12 December as compared to an average day. Among the products sought after by Sabahans and Sarawakians include groceries such as dried foods, health supplements, pet supplies like cat food and cat litter as well as tools for knitting, crocheting and even gardening.


Accelerated growth for local businesses: The surge in traffic during the 12.12 celebrations has given a bigger exposure to more sellers. As a result, top local sellers from the Home & Living category collectively generated RM4.8 million in sales in a single day on 12 December. The category was very popular amongst Malaysians in the lead up to the holidays with sellers offering home improvement and decoration products enjoying higher demand. 


In addition, more sellers outside big cities were also able to participate in the digital economy and boost their online presence at the 12.12 Birthday Sale; they saw 4.5 times uplift in orders, compared to an average day. 


Shoppers also turned to ShopeePay for all their shopping needs, as users topped up their ShopeePay wallets 1.5 million times on 12.12 to enjoy a seamless payment experience, both online and offline. 


On top of that, ShopeePay also enabled more users to connect with offline merchants at 12.12. With over 2.5 million purchases made through Deals Near Me, Shopee’s location-based online-to-offline feature, offline retailers enjoyed a boost in footfall throughout 12.12 as users redeemed their payment vouchers in-store.


A celebration for local sellers: Via its #ShopeeSapotLokal initiative, Shopee concludes its ‘Seller of the Month’ contest with users voting for their favourite local business. Drum Coffee Roasters emerged as the crowd favourite, and Malaysians can tune in to their heartwarming story on the #ShopeeSapotLokal Show on Shopee Live at 1PM on 15 December. 


Based in Kota Bharu, the coffee retailer turned to e-commerce during the initial stages of the pandemic and changed their business model to become an online wholesaler. They are now shipping their products nationwide and even to Singapore via the Shopee International Platform. Drum Coffee Roasters will be taking home up to RM6,200 worth of prizes, including a feature in a Shopee Live stream session, store vouchers, Shopee ads credits and exclusive merchandise. 

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