Friday, October 21, 2022

SAH Malaysia! | Most Viral Mi MAGGI Creations

Was honored to be invited to the SAH Malaysia Showcase which was organized in conjunction with Malaysia’s 65th Independence Day as well as the 59th Malaysia Day which we have celebrated recently. Believe it or not, MAGGI has 51 years of history with Malaysia?! I cannot imagine life without MAGGI and all I can think about is the times MAGGI saved me from hunger on days im too tired to head out. Haha. I believe most of you can relate to this situation. 

A little flashback, MAGGI was introduced in Malaysia in 1971 and had since been a Malaysian favourite! Be it a hearty bowl of MAGGI Soup noodles at home or a fusion of whatever you like to get it char fried at a restaurant. The possibilities is endless! Present at this exciting occasion we had important representatives from MAGGI Juan Aranols, CEO of Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad where he shared that the theme being DuniaKu Bersama MAGGI is to celebrate the richness and heritage of how MAGGI came to evolve to be a very colourful form of fabric to represent the Malaysian lifestyle. 

Through this campaign, they created a travelogue hosted by ambassador Sheila Rusly and MAGGI cukup rasa Ambassador, Datin Paduka Eina Azman and Maggi Pedas Giler Ambassador MK K-Clique, they tracked down 12 local warung’s and captured their viral MAGGI recipes. Cant lie, i was amazed that the recipes created are pretty impressive and creative. Just by being here, i never knew that i would benefit myself a list of warungs that i’d want to try, especially when it comes to tasting their viral creation’s with a pack of MAGGI. 

Well deserved plaque’s were given to these viral owned warungs and since i got a bite of a few of them, it’s indeed worth the visit if youre planning to add them on your foodie list. On top of that, Persatuan Pengusaha Restoran Muslim Malaysia (PRISMA) and Persatuan Pengusaha Restoran India, Malaysia (PRIMAS) were also given honorary plaques in recognition of their cotributioms and efforts in regulating and revitalising the food operators businesses in Malaysia. 

There was an online challenge Resipi KreatifKu, where these viral recipes have managed to inspire other food operators, and the outcome of that was that we found 8 finalists today to vie for a total cash prize of RM10,000!  I believe the campaign is celebrated to applause the creativity of consumers through the creations they have created theough the online ResipiKu DuniaKu challenge. Today we got to witness 12 consumer finalist who vie for three Grand Prizes of RM5,000 cash prizes each! Wish i could walk in and join, but i think i’ll keep an eye out on their next online challenge.  

Being here, i would say that the spirit of  ‘You and MAGGI, Cook The Difference’ came to life where we got to get a taste of all these innovative recipes by both  food operators and consumers into making anything possible with just a pack of MAGGI. For guest who attended the ‘party’, they also had an exciting time exploring the booths where they would be able to claim a goodie bag when they complete their visits on all the participating stalls. 

For more information about the MAGGI® SAH Malaysia! campaign, please visit or or MAGGI® Facebook page at

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