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The Coast Guard film is based on the real-life story of a Special Action and Rescue Team

Was lucky to be present at the Gala Premier of the Malaysian Coast Guard Action Film: Ops Helang, and I witnessed a number of VIP who attended the celebration. Present, was the Deputy Minister of the State, Datuk Seri Dr Shamsul Bin Nasarah, to support the locally and exclusively produced film to support the Malaysian Maritime Forces in the struggle to defend the country's ocean borders. In order to create this film, they had to collaborate with the Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM), which has made it successful to produce this film sharing "OPS HELANG" for the first time in our nation's arts industry. 

The film is produced by Flying Deals Sdn Bhd alongside Arie Zahari Production and as well as publisher and distributor Metroweath International Group (MIG) to express their gratitude for the full support given by the Ministry of Communication and Digital (KKD) and as well as FINAS in supporting the Digital Content Fund (DKD) and Marketing Content Fund in order to create the film to find audiences in cinemas successfully. Present in the film itself,  we have Saharul Ridzwan, Adlin Aman Ramlie, Julia Farhana, and Malaysian legendary actor, Sabri Yunus, as the main actor. Not to forget, we also had Hazama, Aziz M. Osman, Jaja Illiyes, Akmal Ahmad, Kodi Rasheed, Aman Nasim, Hafiz Rafiah, and Joe Aziz whom did an amazing job in making this film come to life. 

This film has made history as a "Ops Helang" action film is the last work of the prominent director, Allahyarham Pitt Haniff, who was also involved in the production of Lelaki Harapan Dunia and One Two Jaga as an assistant director. The son of national artist Fauziah Nawi has also won the Best Original Story Award through the film One Two Jaga at the 30th Malaysian Film Festival. 

COAST GUARD MALAYSIA : "OPS HELANG" tells the story of Maritime Lieutenant Hafiz, a SPECIAL ACTIONS and RESCUE TEAM OFFICER (STAR ​​Team) from the MALAYSIA MARITIME ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (APMM) who had to face a group of criminals in national waters when members of his family were kidnapped and held hostage. Through this film, the audience can see the twists and turns of the real challenges of the Malaysian Maritime Team in bearing responsibility, trust and risky struggles to the point of risking their lives just to preserve and defend the nation's ocean waters. 

A new phenomenon in the Malaysian film industry is expected to break out when the assets belonging to the MALAYSIA MARITIME ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (APMM) are revealed exclusively in this film which has also cost RM 6 MILLION RINGGIT and does not include the value of the assets belonging to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM) used. COAST GUARD MALAYSIA : "OPS EAGLE" is now available for seating at cinemas all over MALAYSIA, BRUNEI and SINGAPORE on 2 FEBRUARY 2023! So, dont wait and do head on over to your nearest cinema to check out the film that shows and expresses so much emotion of fear, sadness, and happiness packed with action to share a story of a once Maritime Lieutenant that has faced all kinds of struggle to keep the waters safe. 

Short Sypnosis of Coast Guard Malaysia : OPS Helang

(STAR Team) Officer of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM) namely Maritime Lieutenant Hafiz (Saharul Ridzwan) who wants to start a new life on an island after experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) because of losing his colleague in an operational mission. Hafiz also brought his fiancee Nurul to live together after they decided to get married. However, during Hafiz and Nurul's Engagement Celebration, a group of unknown criminals attacked them and kidnapped Hafiz, Nurul, and his parents as well as several other guests including several APMM Members to be held hostage.

Maritime Lieutenant Melati (Julia Farhana), an APMM Investigation Officer from the Maritime Crime Investigation Division who was assigned to investigate the case, managed to find, and rescue Hafiz, Nurul, and his father. The crisis continued to escalate when the criminal group continued to challenge the commitment of Hafiz and APMM and caused a large-scale operation to be activated until the criminal group involved was destroyed.

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