Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites 2023 Review | Executive Suite

Hello guys! It has been a while since we last travel especially with all the worries during the peak MCO days in 2019-2022. I believe with all the precautions being taken seriously and educated to the people in Malaysia, it has been safer to travel with fewer worries considering most of us are vaccinated. Today, I'd like to share with you my most recent hotel stay at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites. We had a few other options in mind when it comes to hotels in Ipoh, but after fully evaluating the location and purpose, the Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites was decided!

The purpose of my recent trip was to stay for one night, and it's also because it was my husband's bestfriend's wedding~ I got pretty excited considering it was my first time ever attending an Indian wedding in Malaysia. Anyway, considering the hotel was located near the venue of the wedding, it was just about a 5 minute drive away from the main commercial centres, making the location really ideal. On top of that, its very well located as well. By the hotel there's a decent river view, and i think another highlight is the walkable night market which you can visit at night if youre staying here.

Welcoming Experience 

Honestly we booked the Superior King room for my family of 4, including my small kids (2 and 4), but to our surprise, we were given an upgrade to the Executive Suite Room in courtesy of the reservation team. It was really nice of of them to upgrade the room for us and hands down, i would say that you are in good hands when you reach the premises. Upon arrival, we checked in at about 3pm and was served with a refreshing lime juice drink with biscuits on the side while waiting for the room the be ready, which only took us about 5 minutes later with the keys being delivered to where we were seated at the lobby.

Executive Suite Room

First impression of the Executive Suite Room was that it was really spacious. Coming in with a family with little kids, you can only imagine how excited the toddlers were when they saw 'running space' within the room. So if youre coming in with a family with little kids, i would highly suggest you to get the Executive Suite Room. The room had a living room, a dining table, 2 flat tv's in each room, a bedroom in a separate room and of course the bathroom had a bathtub with separate shower room as well. Overall i would say that its spacious and clean. Also, we were given a fruit basket with local snacks to enjoy upon entering the room which i thought was a really sweet gesture of hospitality.

Facilities Availability

If youre the kind to enjoy the facilities of the hotel, Kintra Riverfront Hotel & Suites has the basics provided which would be an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor gym fully equipped with a decent range of choices. I would say that the pool is rather small, but great to keep an eye of family members as they cant swim too far off from you if theyre still learning how to swim. Overall i would say that the cleanliness is well taken care off, but the swimming pool area can be a little wet when theres a lot of people splashing around. 

Breakfast Spread

Our room came with breakfast for two at the Riverview Coffee House which is the hotel's in-house coffee shop. I would say that the range had a decent variety which includes local and western menu's available within their buffet spread. It's not the biggest spread, but you can expect Nasi Lemak, Noodles, Western Eggs an Sausages, Local Breakfast such as bubur or roti jala, and not to forget the local spread of desserts. The desserts are mainly kuih lapis and light bites that you can locally find in Malaysia, but it a fun way to explore sweet treats from the buffet spread to find out what you like.

Overall, if youre having your breakfast there, i would advice you to request for their latte. Im very particular with my latte, and for some reason, their latte's that i requested for tasted perfect! It wasnt too strong on the coffee taste, and the foam completed the latte flavours making it really enjoyable to enjoy it at the balcony of the coffee house by the riverside. I also enjoyed that there were sounds of birds at their coffee house which did add an essence of relaxation (but i think it was added as a recording to further add impression when you step into the coffee house). NGL, its still good effort!


Location wise, within a distance of 4km, you can find yourself being closely located to Ipoh Padang, Dr. Seenivasagam Park, Han Chin Pet Soo Museum, Dataran Ipoh, First Garden Jogging Track, Chong Tse Yen Park and even Padang Kilat. I personally would recommend you to check out the Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice Shop which i believe is rather popular among locals and tourist. I know i enjoy heading there to enjoy a good portion of chicken rice each time im in Ipoh. Most importantly, it was located near our wedding venue that we were suppose to attend making it such a strategic location to stay while we were in Ipoh as well.  Attache would be an OOTD of our outfit for the night. 


As a verdict, i would have to say that Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites is one of the hotels that i would say is value for money stay. Its comfortable, rooms equipped with toiletries, fridge, ironing boards and entertainment, not to also forget that food is plenty around the area. A decent location with an affordable price where you can enjoy being within the city center and still have things to do at night when you dont feel like going too far from the hotel. Would definitely look forward to my next stay in Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites. Till my next post xx 

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