Sunday, May 28, 2023

POP MART opens its first Malaysian store, with plans to expand further into Southeast Asia

POP MART, the market-leading character-based entertainment company known for its mystery blind boxes, has opened its latest store in Southeast Asia, continuing its global expansion. The brand's newest retail outlet, the first POP MART store in Malaysia, opened today on the fifth floor of the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (KL) shopping mall on Jalan Bukit Bintang. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was performed by POP MART Global President Justin Moon, POP MART South Asia Pte Ltd Director Tan Tong Hong, POP MART Malaysia Sdn Bhd General Manager Max Tan, and Pavilion KL's Senior Director, Leasing, Mr Lovell Ho.

Malaysia is the latest market in the region that POP MART is focusing on now that the brand has established itself in Singapore - the POP MART store in Singapore's Funan will open in 2021. POP MART first entered Malaysia through cross-border e-commerce in early 2021. The company has spent the last two years cultivating the Malaysian market in order to lay the groundwork for local offline stores.

The opening of the Malaysian store means POP MART’s business expansion in Southeast Asia has entered a new era. Malaysia has huge potential as a major market for us after Singapore,” said Moon. “Both countries have a similar social culture and offer a relatively large market of art toys collectors. We can leverage on what we have done in Singapore to build things up in Malaysia, with the possibility of future expansion into other neighbouring countries.”

The 146 sq m (1,569 sq ft) POP MART Pavilion KL store was designed with color-changing RGB lights on the doors and visually appealing colours and displays to appeal to young adults and millennials. Limited edition items for local fans such as DIMOO Mango Jelly () Plus, SKULLPANDA Dark Maid Limited Edition 100%, Labubu Shepherd Limited Edition 100%, and other popular collectibles are available at POP MART Malaysia.

POP MART is celebrating a double birthday today, as DIMOO, one of the brand's top IPs (Intellectual Property) and most beloved characters, turns 520 (20 May). Fans can look forward to redeeming a variety of DIMOO gift-with-purchase items, as well as being the first in this region to get their hands on the latest DIMOO Retro Series, which is now available exclusively at POP MART Pavilion KL.

POP MART intends to expand its Malaysian market with more offline stores and robo shops in Malaysia's core areas, in addition to its online channels. POP MART has always prioritised the Southeast Asian market since launching its global business in 2018. According to Moon, Southeast Asia is one of the most important markets for many Chinese brands expanding into foreign markets.

POP MART Pavilion KL is located at 5.39, 5th Floor, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and is open every day from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

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