Saturday, August 19, 2023

NEW SUPER™ Classic: An Instant Black Coffee | Shuib as SUPER ambassador

SUPER™, the iconic Coffee & Tea brand expands its range with a bold,  
black coffee - SUPER™ Classic 

With SUPER™ Classic, an instant black coffee prepared with 100% Robusta beans to produce a full-bodied, bold yet smooth cup of coffee, SUPER™ is committed to providing excellent coffee, tea, and cereal beverages that suit Malaysians' preferences, expands its line-up. Along with milk tea & cereal beverages, SUPER™ Classic is the newest addition to SUPER™'s extensive lineup, which caters to the dynamic and changing expectations of today's coffee enthusiasts.

The brand owner of SUPER™ Coffee in Malaysia, Fiona Tan, stated, "We Malaysians love our coffee strong with condensed milk or evaporated milk. We look for full-bodied, highly aromatic instant coffee so that the strong coffee flavour may shine through the creaminess. 

The introduction of SUPER™ Classic demonstrates SUPER™'s ongoing dedication to providing everyday Malaysians with quick-to-drink beverages. "In Malaysia, instant coffee is not just a matter of time and convenience. We require a potent and flavorful coffee to wake us up in the mornings and get us through our long workdays. We require a beautiful cup that will inspire insightful discussion and keep us energised all day. 

Aptly, SUPER™ has appointed Shuib as brand ambassador for SUPER™ Coffee, as he exemplifies the journey and experience of everyday Malaysians, juggling many roles including husband, father to four young children, successful radio deejay, as well as entrepreneur. 

“From day one, we knew Shuib was the perfect ambassador for us because he exemplifies the experience of an everyday Malaysian. In both good and challenging times, we Malaysians are always resilient, we work incredibly hard, giving our best to better the lives of those around us. We are excited to collaborate with Shuib as we share these values and a common passion for a great cup of ‘kopi padu’ to help us power through the day,” added Fiona. 

The 'Semarakkan Hari Malaysia' contest will run from August 16 through September 30, 2023, in conjunction with the Hari Malaysia celebrations. Participants in this competition have the chance to win thrilling prizes like a Modenas Dominar D250, a special "makan-makan" session with Shuib, and RM21,000 worth of gift cards to stores. Simply purchase one SUPER product (terms and conditions apply) to be eligible.

The new SUPER™ Classic is now available at major grocery retailers across Malaysia.  For more information on SUPER™ Coffee and its products, latest updates and promotions, please visit its their Facebook page.

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