Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sunplay's 'We Care for the Ocean 2023': A Wave of Success in Combating Beach Pollution

In a resounding triumph against beach pollution, Sunplay, Malaysia's go-to sunscreen brand, proudly announced the successful conclusion of its third annual CSR initiative, 'We Care for the Ocean 2023.' This year's campaign, conducted in collaboration with Watsons, the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), and climate action advocate Melissa Tan, has left an indelible impact on seven key locations across Malaysia.

Sunplay's General Manager, Lim Mei Yuen, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "Partnering with Watsons, the MNS, and Melissa Tan has truly amplified our efforts and made this campaign an extraordinary success. We were able to fundraise RM40,000 throughout the month of November."

Beach Cleanup Achievements


The dedication of 256 volunteers during this year's campaign resulted in the removal of an impressive total of 1,490kg of trash, surpassing last year's tally of 1,348kg. Cleanup efforts spanned across seven beaches, each with its unique contribution to the cause:

Pantai Sekendi in Sabak, Selangor – 165.9kg collected
Pantai Sungai Kajang in Tanjong Karang, Selangor – 720.9kg collected
Pantai Redang in Sekinchan, Selangor – 80.3kg collected
Pantai Batu Laut in Tanjung Sepat, Selangor – 23kg collected
Pantai Cunang in Tanjung Sepat, Selangor – 116kg collected
Pantai Blue Lagoon in Negeri Sembilan – 284.3kg collected
Pantai Morib in Selangor – 99.2kg collected

Lim Mei Yuen shared her delight, saying, 
"We are thrilled about the high volume of trash we managed to remove from our beaches."

Partnership and Mission Alignment

MNS Executive Director, Mr. I.S. Shanmugaraj, emphasized the alignment of the campaign with MNS's mission, stating, "We strongly feel that the core focus of this campaign resonates with our organization's mission, as it emphasizes conservation and appreciation of nature."

Melissa Tan, a fervent advocate for climate action and sustainability, echoed the sentiment, saying, "I believe we need to not only raise awareness about ocean pollution but to galvanize Malaysians to take action. What we choose to use or not use every day directly contributes to the problem."

Sunplay's 'We Care for the Ocean 2023' has not only achieved remarkable success in cleaning up Malaysia's beaches but has also fostered a sense of environmental responsibility and unity. The collaborative efforts of Sunplay, Watsons, MNS, and Melissa Tan demonstrate the power of collective action in preserving our oceans. To delve deeper into Sunplay's commitment to ocean conservation, visit Sunplay Malaysia's Official Facebook page. Together, let's create a wave of change for a cleaner, healthier planet.

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