Friday, March 27, 2009

Samadian idol ; Finals

Finalist bbyh!

haha. like omg! its been a month, me, competing in samadian idol. blablabla. very lazy to type. ahah. oh yeah, before i say anything, i would like to thank my classmates from 5C, and all my supporters. you guys rock! thanks alot! so yeah, all 8 finalist were suppose to sing 2 songs. 1 english song ( limited) and 1 malay song (anything). i sang 'when you say nothing at all' with aarons band. haha. it was funn :) then i sang ' bukan cinta biasa by siti nurhaliza'.lesson learned, dont ever sing any of siti's song. very susah -.-. so yeah.
2nd runner up was, kanagarajah.
1st runner up was, mua (like omg!)
and the samadian idol for 2009 is (*drum roll pls) obviously........ HERMAN! haha

conclusion: like serioously, i cant sing ppl (: 1st runner up was bcause of my supporters. thank you. oh yeah, not to forget my mum ;)

pls read the conversation:

mummy: how much should i vote for you?
me: no need to vote laa.
mummy: but i must support my own daughter.
me: well, okay, but make sure its not more than RM10.
mummy: eh, no, u keep quiet, im your mother.

haha. like what la kan? i love you mommy :)

ps: Herman still rocks bbyh. you are sooooo gonna go far. dont forget me when u do go far? just remember that annoying little chipmunk that cant really keep quite. ahaha. :D oh and, congrats! whoooh! 2009's SAMADIAN IDOL!

that is all :) thankyou for reading.

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